Saturday, July 15, 2017

Graphic Novel Review: Saga Volume 7

The quirky and wild sci-fi epic graphic novel continues its story in a somewhat self-contained story. The couple Alana and Marko travel with their daughter Hazel and Prince Robot IV to a comet for fuel. The comet is Pheng, a crucial point in the war between Alana's home planet and Marko's moon. Also along for the journey is Izabel, one of my favorite characters, a ghost that serves as the babysitter, and Petrichor, another magical former citizen of Wreath. There is also a new member of the family coming as Alana finds herself pregnant again when Marko and her reunited passionately. All of these worries are put on hold as their tree planet cannot function until it refuels. 

Another storyline follows Gwendolyn, Marko's former fiance, and Sophie, a freed slave. They were previously working The Will, a freelancer assassin but since his injury, they have set out on their own. On Pheng, the family encounters the furry refugees who have survived the destruction but do not want to leave their homeland. They settle into a nice routine as they wait for the ship to recover but then fitting the storyline something awful happens. Izobel searches for the reserve of fuel in an abandoned base but runs into the freelancer The Marcher, a two-headed villain that uses some sort of device to kill the ghost. I sure hope that's not the last we see of this character but it was quite a shocking twist.

The Will has recovered from his injuries and searches for his lost charge in various places but he also finds that he has been fired from his job and replaced. The March continues to search through the abandoned based as Hazel worries for her babysitter. Petrichor searches for Izobel finding strange inhabitants on Pheng. The comet is actually heading to s strange space phenomenon that will end the life of it. Prince Robot IV gets high on a drug and finds that he cannot control his lust for Alana. Marko has sworn off violence which makes defending Alana and fighting off Prince Robot IV tougher than usual. 

Gwendolyn is making a deal with the Landfallians much to Sophie's distress. They are planning on dealing over Pheng as it is heading towards destruction. Back on the comet, Alana manages to knock out Prince Robot IV, but then The March shows up with a little furry hostage. They use magic to distract him but Marko has to go back on his vow to not commit violence to destroy the freelancer. The deal for Pheng is made and many of the citizens are evacuated before it falls into the space abyss. The refugees will not leave their home even as they know they are doomed because they believe their faith will protect them. The family launches off to their next adventure as the book ends on a dark note.

Saga is my favorite graphic novel and I always look forward to a new volume coming out. I think that by the end of the series it will be one epic tale that I will look back on fondly. The characters are interesting and eccentric and I never know where the story is going to go as Brian K. Vaughan is a brilliant writer. Fiona Staples draws amazing pictures that I can't help but just stare it in awe. It will be a while before the next volume comes out but when I found out about this series, I read through the first issues so fast that I like to go back and read them every year. I didn't reread them this time around but definitely when the next volume comes out. 

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