Thursday, June 1, 2017

Sports: NBA Finals

The final two teams will face off in a rematch of the last two years of NBA Finals. The reigning champion Cleveland Cavaliers face the Golden State Warriors in a best of seven series to see who is the best this year. While Lebron James has a healthy team behind him including Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, Stephen Curry has the added help of Kevin Durant alongside Klay Thompson and Draymond Green. Both teams had a long period of time off after defeating their conference final opponents quickly. This match is a tough one to pick but I'm rooting for the Cavaliers to take home the trophy again. 
Game 1
1st Quarter - The first quarter proved competitive as the Warriors went up 35-30. Lebron James led the scoring with 13 points for the Cavs while Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry both had 10 points for Golden State. Kyrie Irving also had 9 points.
2nd Quarter - The Warriors took off in the second part of the first half as Kevin Durant got 13 more points for a 23 total and Golden State leads 60-52 at the half. Lebron James is at 19 points and Kyrie is right behind him at 17. Curry took some time at the bench and is just at 12 points total. 
3rd Quarter - The dominance of Golden State continued as the Warriors pulled out way ahead early scoring the first 13 points. At the end of the 3rd, the Warriors led by 21 points 93-72 with Durant at 30 points and Curry at 26. Lebron also had 26 points but was losing control of the game even as Kyrie Irving had 22 points.
4th Quarter - The Warriors win the game 113-91, tying the fewest turnovers in an NBA Finals game. Durant ended up with 32 points, Curry 26. The Cavs lost as Lebron got 28 and Irving remained at 22.
Game 2
1st Quarter - The Cavs started out strong and aggressive but the Warriors came back and pulled ahead. Cleveland slow Golden State's momentum somewhat and the Warriors were only up 40-34. Lebron had 10 points and Kevin Love was at 9 for the Cavaliers.
Stephen Curry had 15 and Durant was at 8 for the Warriors.
2nd Quarter - The Warriors rally but allow the Cavs to rally back.  The Warrior lead at the half 67-64. Lebron James had 18 points with Love at 15 and Kyrie Irving at 10. Curry was still at 15 and Durant was at the same and Klay Thompson had 11.
3rd Quarter - The Warriors stay ahead in the next to last quarter leading by 102-88. Curry was at 27 points and Durant at 24. Lebron had 29 and Love had 24.
4th Quarter -  The Warriors take the second game of the series 132-113. Kevin Durant had 33 points, Stephen Curry 32. Lebron had 29 and Love 27. 
Game 3
1st Quarter - In Cleveland, the Warriors stay on top leading the first 39-32. Klay Thompson lead Golden State with 16 points. Lebron also has 16 points for the Cavaliers.
2nd Quarter - Golden State remains in control at the half with a six-point lead 67-61. Klay Thompson scored five more points for a total of 21, while Kevin Durant had 16 and Steph Curry was at 14. Lebron was at 27 and Kyrie had 17.
3rd Quarter - The Cavaliers take the lead and keep it into the third quarter 94-89 over the Warriors.
4th Quarter - The Warriors advance their 2017 playoffs record to 15-0 with an 118-113 win. James scored 39 and Kyrie scored 38 but Durant got 31, Thompson 30, and Curry 26. 
Game 4
1st Quarter - The Cavs come strong in the first quarter taking a 49-33 lead before it is over. 
2nd Quarter - At the half, Cleveland is breaking scoring records beating Golden State 86-68. Kyrie Irving leads scoring with 28 points while Lebron has 22. Durant has put up 22 for the Warriors.
3rd Quarter - The Cavaliers, after a tense quarter, remain ahead 115-96. Lebron James has 39 points with Irving right behind him with 38. Kevin Durant has 31 with Kay Thompson at 30 and Stephen Curry scored 26. 
4th Quarter - The Cavaliers break the Warriors playoff streak and stay alive for another game winning 137-116. Kyrie Irving led Cleveland with 40 points, Lebron had 31 and Kevin Love had 23. Durant had 35 points at the end.
Game 5
1st Quarter - On the road, the Cavaliers stay on top the Warriors 37-33. Stephen Curry scored 12 for Golden State and Durant got 8. For Cleveland, Lebron scored 12 and so did Kyrie. 
2nd Quarter - The Warrior went on a run this quarter putting them up 71-60. Durant scored 21 and Curry was at 20 points. Lebron also scored 21 and Irving had 16. 
3rd Quarter - The backup players make a difference for both teams as the Warriors are unable to pull away still ahead 98-93. Durant made 28 points while Curry 25 backed up by Iguodala at 13. Lebron James had 27, Irving 26, and JR Smith at 19. 
4th Quarter - Proving my prediction abilities null and void, the Golden State Warriors are the 2017 NBA Championships winning 129-120. Lebron James scored 41 points, Kyrie Irving scored 26, and JR Smith scored 25. Kevin Durant, the clear MVP, scored 39 points and Stephe Curry scored 34 right behind him. 

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