Sunday, June 4, 2017

Movie Review: Wonder Woman

The DC superhero universe expands even further into the mystical land of Themyscira and back in time to World War I. Diana (Gal Gadot) is an Amazonian princess who trains for a battle that may never come. Her mother Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) isn't happy about her trains but Hippolyta's sister Antiope (Robin Wright) insists that she must learn. Diana discovers her great strength as a pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes down from the sky, bringing German soldiers behind him in an attack. Amazonians die including Antiope who encourage Diana to go fight with her dying breath. Steve is a spy for the British army who has discovered a nefarious plan to make awful poison gas by Ludendorff (Danny Huston) and Dr. Maru aka Dr. Poison (Elena Anaya).

Diana decides that she must help mankind by killing Aries, the God of War, and leaves Themyscira with Steve Trevor to fight on the battlefront. First, Steve takes her to London where he can deliver Dr. Poison's formula book to his higher command including Sir Patrick (David Thewlis). Steve assembles a team of soldier including Sameer (Saïd Taghmaoui), Charlie (Ewen Bremner), and the Chief (Eugene Brave Rock). There is plenty of great humor during this time in London from Diana's discovery of the modern world and Steve's secretary Etta (Lucy Davis). 

They head to the Front and Diana shows her superpowers blocking bullets and lassoing soldiers. The action scenes are pretty amazing and it is too bad that most of them were played out in commercials, but it was fun to watch. Diana saves a city and gets romantic with Steve. They are determined to confront Ludendorff who Diana believes is Aries in disguise. Attending a gala, Steve speaks with Dr. Poison while Diana attempts to kill Ludendorff, but Steve stops her. Ludendorff and Dr. Poison bomb the city Diana saved with the new gas, killing all the residents. 

Angry, Diana goes to the headquarters and kicks butt, confronting Ludendorff. She kills him but it does not stop the war as she believed. Steve tries to explain the failings of humanity but Wonder Woman is stunned by the failure of man and disabused of her idealistic beliefs. Steve works to stop Dr. Poison from dropping gas on London as Aries appears in the form of Sir Patrick. The fight between Diana and Aries was reminiscent of other DC superhero fights with extraordinary might facing off. This battle looks better in some ways and it was fun to see Wonder Woman using her full ability against an equivalent opponent.

Wonder Woman shows the potential for the DC Extended Universe with a solid hit that has succeeded with critics and with audiences at the box office. Wonder Woman is solid superhero origin film that doesn't spend too much time on the background mythology and moves quickly to the action and adventure. Gadot is great playing a different superhero than the world-weary warrior, she played in BvS and acts well stunned by London. Chris Pine brings his Captian Kirk charm to Steve Trevor and their chemistry is easy to see. This film gives me hope for Justice League do out later this year in November. 

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