Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Movie Review: Baby Driver

Car chases and music fill the streets of Edgar Wright's fun and action-packed film. In what feels like it could be one of the best movies of the summer, Baby (Ansel Elgort) speeds around Atlanta while listening to music and even when he walks on the streets, he is completely in step with the rhythm. Nothing throws him off as he pulls off a series of heists for the gangster leader Doc (Kevin Spacey). He works with various crews that include hard boiled robbers like Griff (Jon Bernthal), Buddy (Jon Hamm), Darling (Eiza Gonz├ílez), and Bats (Jamie Foxx). After the initial chase, Baby has nearly paid back Doc with only one more job required and during the time between he stays at home with his foster dad Joseph (CJ Jones).

Baby is starstruck when he sees Debora (Lily James) a waitress at a 24-hour diner. They form a quick bond in scenes that ooze romantic chemistry as both young actors deliver charming performances under the brilliant direction. The music doesn't stop and after Baby helps Doc dispose of a body and finally pays him back, he just can't get away. Doc wrangles him into another job with coercive threats and sends him out to scout their next job, a post office. In a hilarious scene, Doc sends his 8-year-old nephew into to help scope out the bank, adding brilliant humor in a tense scene.

The laughs work well with the action as the car chase scenes are stunning and on the edge-of-the-seat enjoyable. Bats turns out to be a foil to Baby as his wild behavior finds the new crew for the post office job in a deadly shootout. When Bats demands they eat at the diner and threatens to rob the place, Baby has to shed his quiet demeanor and stand up to the intimidating criminal. Baby plans to get out before the job but finds Buddy waiting for him and Bats discovers his tape recorder that Baby uses to make weird music mixes, an excuse none of the robbers believe. With Joseph threatened, Baby has to pull off the job but the threats grow after the tense night.

Baby doesn't like the violence of the job but the thrill of driving to music is intoxicating. With Bats pointing a gun at him, Baby reacts violently setting off a wild chase that is a ton of fun to watch. The non-stop finale was so much fun recalling classic heist films with tension and undeniable skill of direction. Baby tries to find a way out of an impossible situation as Buddy hunts him through Atlanta knowing he'll be seeking out Debora at the diner. While there is drama and humor, Wright doesn't skimp on an action movie finale with gun battles and explosions to go along with the brilliant car chases. 

Baby Driver was so much fun and like all great car chase movies, I had to consciously slow myself down so as to not speed out the movie theater parking lot. The music makes the movie as so many scenes are brilliantly set to various songs that Baby chooses from his iPod in a plot point that doesn't feel ridiculous or forced. I have enjoyed every movie that Edgar Wright has made and loved seeing the sights of Atlanta in the background. Elgort performance was great standing out among skilled veterans like Spacey, Foxx, and Hamm who are highly entertaining as always. I don't know if I'll enjoy a movie this much for the rest of year. 

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