Thursday, May 4, 2017

TV Show Review: The Mick

Kaitlin Olson strikes out on her own from the gang in a hilarious new comedy series that sees her troubled character Mackenzie "Mick" Murphy in charge of three kids in a mansion. When Mick's sister escapes with her husband from an FBI investigation, Mick is left in charge. Her first order of business is to let the maid Alba (Carla Jimenez) off the hook for work and to relax. However, the three kids Sabrina (Sofia Black-D'Elia), Chip (Thomas Barbusca), and Ben (Jack Stanton) Pemberton are more than Mick bargained for. Each has their own issues as Chip tries to stand up to bullies, Sabrina sneaks out to party, and Ben obsesses over fire. Mick tries to establish rules but her own lackadaisical discipline and her boyfriend Jimmy (Scott MacArthur) don't set the best example.

Mick encounters problems with the rich neighbors, the wealthy school's principal, and other tenants of the extreme wealth the Pemberton's inhabit. She finds that the kids have had little to no guidance in life when it comes to dealing with the complex issues of childhood and budding adolescence. The show touches on several complex issues from gender identity to income disparity. Mick usually takes a route that is most convenient and suits her new lifestyle as she becomes accustomed to immense wealth and the spoiled children.

 In one of the most popular episodes, Mick hires a clown from her old neighborhood to impress Ben as the other two Pemberton kids work to impress little Ben with a pony. These hilarious antics continue to cause disturbances in their neighborhood and upset their other parents. Mick works to help these kids have a somewhat normal upbringing but it's difficult when their parents are on the run. The FBI continue to investigate posting up on a stake out just outside the property.

Their bond grows as the kids learn from Mick and receive a strange sort of guidance that is hilarious as well. Even Alba grows to enjoy Mick's company and her new freedom with the Pemberton wealth. Mick talks Sabrina out of some questionable decisions while Jimmy tries to teach the two boys how to be a man in his own way. The show sets up hilarious scenarios and often separate stories company for a great comedic effect.

Olson appears to have landed on a popular show that utilizes her ability to be hilarious with both physical comedy and one-liners. With a solid supporting cast, this show kept it going for a whole season and I hope to hear that it is renewed for another go-round as the parents show back up but Ben burned down the house including Mick's million dollars. I recommend this show for those who are looking for a basic cable thirty-minute sitcom with a raunchy sense of humor. 

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