Monday, May 8, 2017

TV Show Review: The Last Man on Earth (Season 3)

The post-apocalyptic comedy continues with Tandy (Will Forte) and the gang have to leave their Malibu house when armed men come along. Melissa (January Jones) shoots one of the attackers (played by John Hamm, her husband in Mad Men) and begins to have psychological difficulties coping with the apocalypse. Carol (Kristen Schaal) and Erica (Cleopatra Coleman) are pregnant and worry about their impending births but know that they have to restart society with their children. Gail (Mary Steenburgen) has taken to drinking after a failed medical operation and other misfortune. After a few more encounters with Pat (Mark Boone Junior) who refuses to die, the gang packs up and looks for a new place. 

After a few episodes of exploration, the group finds a place running off of a power generator and stuffed with toys. The gang settles in nicely and Lewis (Kenneth Choi) practices on a flight simulator hoping to one day fly to Japan. Carol decides that she wants Gail to adopt her so that they can become a family and works hard to get her and Tandy in a matching family photograph. Carol's desire to have Gail as a mother drives Gail to find solace somewhere alone where she can drink. Her adventures leave her trapped in an elevator when Lewis and Tandy shut the power off.

Melissa also disappears and the group spends more time searching for her while Gail remains trapped in the elevator for nearly half a season. Tandy continues his silly antics to charm Carol. Tandy and Todd (Mel Rodriguez) head out to Melissa's old home to find out more about her past and look for a cure to her depression. Eventually, Gail makes it out of the elevator and has to recover. Lewis tries to take off on his flight but crashes the plane and dies. In a photo for the funeral, the gang discovers that there may be another survivor lurking around. 

The show always balances between humor and the dire situation of everyone in the world dying. An episode away from the gang in the midseason shows us the origins of the outbreak from the perspective Pamela Brinton (Kristen Wiig) that actually shows dead bodies for a while. She makes it to a fallout shelter and uses a drone to explore around for years until revealing that she saw the gang at the end of last season. She remains out of the picture until near the end of the season. Erica has her baby and Carol is nervous about her birth when Tandy discovers a nuclear reactor on fire. The gang sets out once again to end the season.

The Last Man on Earth is a funny show even if Tandy's outrageous stupidity surpass humor into annoying on occasion. I enjoy the storyline and the quick episodes almost always end with a cliffhanger. Terrible things happen but the group still manages to bring out humor with their behavior. The show never delves too deeply into seriousness as Tandy can never go along without making a joke. I enjoy the show immensely and would recommend it to those who can enjoy apocalypse humor. 

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