Friday, May 19, 2017

TV Show Review: Brockmire

The irreverent and bawdy show on IFC tells the tale of a sports announcer fallen from grace after an on-air meltdown mounting his comeback in a small town in Pennsylvania. Jim Brockmire (Hank Azaria) is the famed sports announcer who used to be the voice of baseball in Kansas City until his wife Lucy (Katie Finneran) reveals to him that she has been having all sorts of sexual escapades while he was away. Jim breaks down and loses his career spending years shamefully hiding in foreign countries. He returns to American sports when Jules James (Amanda Peet) hires him to announce for a minor league team and generate some controversy for increased attendance.

While drinking heavily since Jules also owns a bar, Brockmire finds comfort being behind the microphone once again for the Morristown Frackers. As the Frackers win after Jules and Brockmire have a one-night stand, the two continue to have superstitious sex so that the team can keep up the streak. Helping promote Brockmire and Fracker online is Charles (Tyrel Jackson Williams) who helps Brockmire's rants go viral. 

With renewed fame, things are looking up for Brockmire in the Frackers despite the local energy company wanting to shut down the team so that they can drill on the stadium location. They do everything they can including handing out free money during home games and setting the field on fire. Jules fights back with new advertising schemes that bring in more spectators. Brockmire's wife shows back up trying to woo him again but Brockmire stays with Jules who finds out that she's pregnant. 

The first season is short at only episode but shows Brockmire climbing back towards success. He pals around with famous real life sports announcers including Joe Buck who has a hilarious cameo speaking with language one never hears from him in a national broadcast. As the Frackers achieve greater success and Jules prevent the team from being moved away from Morristown, Brockmire is given a chance at the pros. He decides to audition for the Atlanta Braves with a minor league job in New Orleans taking Charles with him and leaving Jules in Pennsylvania.

Brockmire is hilarious, a great show about sports and recovering from being infamous. Azaria's performance is top notch as always as he's embodied tons of character before but hardly ever as a lead. The chemistry between him and Peet has great comedic value and Tyrel Jackson Williams is great in the supporting role. I hope this show has a long life on IFC as I'd like to see the continued travails of Brockmire and the Frackers. 

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