Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sports: NBA Playoffs (Conference Finals)

Down to the final four of the NBA as two teams are running high off of undefeated postseasons while the other to had to get through a six and seven game series to push toward the Conference final. We'll find out which teams are the best in their conference and if we'll have a repeat of last year. We've seen some exciting matchups so far but so far nothing incredibly unpredictable has happened. Maybe we'll get some surprises or upsets, either way, it's going to be exciting.

The Boston Celtics finally made it to the next series as the Cleveland Cavaliers had been waiting for them after a sweep. While the Celtics get home field advantage, the Cavs come in as the favored team. Hard to bet against Lebron James and I won't. I'm picking the Cleveland Cavaliers to return to the Championship for a chance to protect their title.

Game 1: The Cavaliers blow out the Celtics 117-104.
Game 2: The Cavs continue their extreme dominance with a 130-86 win.
Game 3: The Celtics pull off a big comeback and upset in Cleveland to win 111-108.
Game 4: The Cavaliers came closer to a repeat Finals appearance with a 112-99 win.

The San Antonio Spurs survived a challenge to take on the highly favored and undefeated Golden State Warriors. The hardest part for the Spurs is keeping Kawhi Leonard healthy as he has already suffered an injury allowing the Warriors to come back and take the first game. The Warriors have built a super team and I'm picking Golden State to go all the way.
Game 1: The Warriors came back from a 25-point deficit to win 113-111.
Game 2: The Warriors go up 2-0 in the series and remain undefeated for 10 straight playoff games with a 136-100 win.
Game 3: The Warriors win another 120-108.
Game 4: The Warriors complete the sweep with a 129-115 win.

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