Saturday, May 20, 2017

Movie Review: Aliens

The slimy terrors in outer space return in this larger more action-packed sequel that rivals the original as a great sci-fi film. Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is picked up 57 years later floating in space in her cryo-sleep. She is informed that a colony has been set up on the planet and it has recently gone silent. At the request of Weyland Corp. employee Burke (Paul Reiser), Ripley agrees to tag along on a mission with the colonial marines who hope to find out what happened to the colony. The marines are skeptical of what Ripley describes as a menacing force capable of taking out a whole crew, especially Private Hudson (Bill Paxton) and Private Vasquez (Jenette Goldstein). Ripley is also wary of the android Bishop (Lance Henriksen) after her encounter from the previous film.

The squad heads down to the planet and finds the colony abandoned. There are signs of the aliens and only one survivor Newt (Carrie Henn). Led by Sergeant Apone (Al Matthews), the marines trace the colonialists' trackers to the energy facility of the terraforming structure. They have to give up their weapons so as not to blow the place up, a handicapping that I always thought reduced the action for this part of the film. Lt. Gorman (William Hope) gives the order and Apone collects all the ammo and grenades. Vasquez and Private Drake (Mark Rolston) keep a clip on them. Of course, the team gets caught off guard and slaughtered leaving only a few left alive including Corporal Hicks (Michael Biehn).

The acid blood comes into play showering the marines who try to shoot the xenomorphs. Ripley has to take charge and drive into there to save the marines. The remaining survivors try to leave but the aliens take down their transport, killing the two pilots. They retreat into the facility and set up defenses of sentry guns hoping to last while they wait for help. Ripley is especially pissed a Burke for setting this whole thing up. The aliens invade but the guns hold them off but they find out that the terraform facility will explode in about four hours. After learning how to operate the rifle with Wilks, Ripley goes to rest with Newt but wakes up to find her gun missing and two face huggers released in their room. Unable to open the door, Ripley has to trigger the fire alarm and sprinklers to call the marines.

Narrowly escaping being impregnated by the face huggers, Ripley and marines prepare to punish Burke when the aliens attack again. This time they crawl through the ventilation shaft and come down on top of the marines. Hudson gets taken, Burke gets eaten, Vasquez and Gorman blow themselves up. Ripley and Newt escape but then Newt slips down into the water where she is taken by the aliens. Wilks pulls Ripley away but in the elevator, Wilks gets sprayed by acid blow shooting a xenomorph back. Bishop manages to call a transport but Ripley won't leave without Newt. She uses the tracker to find her tied up in the nest and encounters the queen, who lays eggs to make more xenomorphs.

Ripley saves Newt and they make it off the exploding terraform facility when Bishop flies back around. They make it back to the ship but the queen followed them and tagged along. Ripley has to use the loader to fight her in a great battle. This movie brings the action to the sci-fi series with a grander scale and the direction of James Cameron. Ripley takes charge and Sigourney Weaver is great. Young actress Carrie Henn does a great job carrying a major part of the film as young Newt. I like this film the most and even to this day the action and special effects don't look too dated. This film expanded the alien story and jumped genres. 

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