Saturday, May 20, 2017

Movie Review: Alien 3

The third film in the alien franchise finds Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) battling a single xenomorph on a prison planet as she discovers an awful secret. A prisoner Clemens (Charles Dance) is walking along the beach when he discovers Ripley's unconscious body. He brings her back as the other prisoners find the crashed ship and all other survivors, Hicks and Newt, deceased. Ripley's presence causes a disturbance on Fury 151 as she is the only woman. Ripley is focused on making sure none of the aliens survived. A face hugger sneaks off and impregnates a cow. 

Prisoners start to go missing as Clemens tries to convince the warden Andrews (Brian Glover) that something isn't right. Ripley tries to figure out what happened on the ship and reprograms Bishop (Lance Henriksen) but the prisoners attack her. Dillon (Charles S. Dutton) helps Ripley fight off the prisoners and leads them to a spiritual awakening. When a crazed prisoner Morse (Danny Webb) shows up covered in blood, the men suspect that there is something worse in this prison though some including Andrews and Aaron (Ralph Brown) are still skeptical of Ripley's story of the alien.

Ripley show symptoms of an illness and is consulted by Clemens but the alien shows up and kills him. The xenomorph won't attack Ripley and lets her escape. She warns the other prisoners but Andrews shoots her down right before he too is taken and eat by the xenomorph. There are no weapons in the prison so the prisoners have to devise a plan to lure the alien into the smelting facility and kill it. They manage to trap it but the Weyland corporation refuses to let them terminate it. Morse is crazed and lets out the xenomorph.

Ripley feels worse and goes to the neuro-scanner. She discovers a queen alien growing inside of her. She asks Dillon to kill her if the thing starts to come out. The prisoners debate trying to kill or waiting for the company. Ripley knows the company won't kill it so she enacts a plan that has the criminal running down corridors with the alien chasing them. This film is the most violent under the direction of David Fincher with many of the prisons meeting a brutal end. They manage to corner the alien and Dillon sacrifices himself to keep it put while they pour lead onto it. Ripley hits the sprinklers when it jumps out of the pit and it explodes

A new Bishop shows up to take in Ripley but she refuses and sacrifices herself. The final shots are accompanied by Ripley's final message at the end of the first film, the final transmission from the Nostromo. This third part caps of a trilogy of Ripley's survival and fights with the aliens. It looked to be the end of the series and though it has had mixed reviews, I enjoyed it tremendously. I have always felt that this film, while not matching the previous too, is a solid sci-fi horror addition to the franchise. 

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