Thursday, April 27, 2017

TV Show Review: The Detour (Season 2)

The bizarre TBS comedy from Samantha Bee and Jason Jones returns for a second season of wild family antics. The Parker family moves to New York City after Nate (Jason Jones) gets a job. Robin (Natalie Zea) is under investigation for her past fraud and her previous husband Carlos (Jeffrey Vincent Parise) returns to claim his wife and paternity of Jareb (Liam Carroll). Delilah (Ashley Gerasimovich) struggles to make friends in the new city as she joins karate and puts on a talent show. Life in the city doesn't get off to a great start as they offend the neighbors and struggle to adjust to road signs.

The story flashes forward to Nate being interrogated by a Federal Agent (Mary Grill) of the Postal Service. Information is doled out about Robin's past that is unfamiliar to Nate but as we see, a lot happened to lead them here. Nate's new boss J.R. (James Cromwell) is undemanding and wants to meet Nate's kids. He is hiding a secret that is crucial to the family as Robin's past comes more into play. Nate stands up for his marriage and for Jareb even after he learns of the true paternity. He beats up Carlos who drops all the charges and claims.

The show turns to an ass that has been smuggled through the country by Robin and her sister Vanessa (Daniella Pineda). Carlos also pursued the odd shaped overly large piece of something that is clearly an ass though it is not clear what it is. As the Postal Service closes in, the Parkers work to transition to their new life, but when it is revealed that J.R. is Robin's father who not only wants to be a part of her family and possession of the ass. J.R. can't find a way into his daughter's heart so he takes the children down to Cuba.

Robin and Nate are best on the road as the first season proved and the second only reinforces as the couple sets out for Cuba to save their children. The antics ensue as Robin uses the bathroom without pulling aside and Nate tries to hop over an electric fence. They discover Delilah and Jareb living it up. The rest of the family has forgiven J.R. except Robin. It turns out that the ass belongs to a statue of Saddam Hussein and will earn the Parkers $10 million from the sale to Dick Cheney. However, Robin blows up the statue and they have to migrate back to America. The second season ends with Vanessa under arrest.

The Detour might be the funniest show on cable television. I find nearly every episode packed with jokes. Jason Jones brings his hilarious Daily Show humor and exhibits great chemistry with Natalie Zea. The kids are some of the funniest kids on television and show tremendous talent for their age. I can't get enough of this show and had such a great time bingeing the first season and looked forward to each new episode of the second. I hope this show has a long future as well as more opportunities for the stars and creators. 

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