Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sports: MLB (Opening Day)

Baseball has begun again and this is a great time for sports. Today only has three games, the Yankees already lost to the Rays, the Diamondbacks beat the Giants, and the reigning champ Chicago Cubs take on the St. Louis Cardinals tonight. I took a look at some sports sites since I've been watching college basketball, pro basketball, and hockey when I get the chance. I didn't even get to write about the World Baseball Classic though I watched it and rooted for USA, so I was happy to see them win. Based on my readings, here are the predictions for the winner of each division.

National League

NL East
Unfortunately for my Atlanta Braves, the Washington Nationals look to be the team that will dominate in the National League East. I hope this is not correct and I will look to the Braves to mount a stunning comeback this year. The greatest challenger to the Nats is Atlanta's first opponent, the New York Mets. The Phillies and Marlins do not look like they'll make waves this year.

NL Central
I don't think I saw anywhere that the Cubs aren't winning the NL Central and likely the most favored to win the entire thing again. This is usually how it goes with top teams as the Royals were highly favored the year before but did not even make it to the playoffs. I'm not sure that will be the case again. Their challenge will be the St. Louis Cardinals, their first opponent, then maybe the Pirates. I root for the Reds up in Cincinnati but they and the Brewers don't seem to have much of a chance.

NL West
The Los Angeles Dodgers look to be the greatest challenger to the Cubs for the National League title but they will have to make it past the San Francisco Giants. The Dodgers and Giants have a great rivalry and it won't look to be troubled by Arizona, Colorado, or San Diego this year. 

American League
AL East
The Boston Red Sox look to be a top contender this year though they won't have it easy. The Yankees didn't look great but the Tamp Bay Ryas could cause trouble. The biggest worry for Boston should be the Toronto Blue Jays followed closely by the Baltimore Orioles.

AL Central 
The Indians were nearly the champions last year and could be a strong contender this year again. The Tigers are their closest competitor but the Royals cannot be forgotten easily. Twins and White Sox could be at the bottom of the division but we will see.

AL West
I've been burned by predicting the Houston Astros before and I don't think that will happen again this year, though the predictions seem to think so. Instead, I'm picking the Seattle Mariners who I probably have a biased towards since I used to watch them live a lot. The Ranger were the previous AL West champs so they could cause trouble. Doesn't look like the Angels or the Athletics are inspiring much confidence.

Baseball is a long season but I'm glad it's back to fill up afternoons every once in a while. Mostly the Reds are the team I'll get to see but I'll pick up games on ESPN or the MLB Network. I'm going to go with a pick of the Indians versus the Dodgers in the World Series.

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