Thursday, March 23, 2017

Video Game Review: Gears of War Ultimate Edition

There are a few games I would like to play through again and the sequel to Gears of War would definitely be one of them, but the upgraded original was fun enough. Revisiting the story of Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago fighting against the Locust menace was a lot of fun and action-packed. The story begins with Marcus locked up in prison until Dom breaks him out. The escape from prison starts the gameplay as Locust warriors burst in and attack. The Lancer is the weapon of choice, a machine gun with a chainsaw attached to the front of it as prominently displayed on the cover. 

Once out of prison, Marcus is given the task by a reluctant General Hoffman to find a resonator, a mapping tool that can be used to bomb the Locust stronghold and eliminate the monsters once and for all. The campaign is split up into five Acts that takes the Gear warriors through various areas of the destroyed Sera planet. The action is nonstop as Locust are constantly attacking as Marcus picks up help including Cole, an ex-thrashball player, and Baird, a mechanical whiz. With a shotgun or sniper as the secondary weapon, players will shoot their way through Locust soldiers, the crawling creature called Wretches, and the big fat grenade launcher toting monsters called Boomers.

The villains of the horde get even bigger as the levels progress fighting a many-legged Corpser and a giant Brumak with heavy guns strapped on its back and even flying creature that the Locust soldiers ride called Reavers. The remaining humans that eek out a living in this harsh world are called Scavengers and Dom makes a deal with one of their leaders to acquire transportation to a mining facility that they can enter the underground lair of the Locust through. When night falls in Sera, winged-beasts called Kryll swooped down and shred unsuspecting victims and can only be fought off with ultraviolet light.

The Gears making beneath the ground if you're a good enough player. I remember my first time playing this game on a friend's console and I was so blown away by the graphics, I could hardly survive. The update version looks even better though is still plagued by odd controls and character movement. My favorite villain is the Theron guards who tote torque bows that launch explosive projectiles. The final boss is taken on aboard a speeding train that is barreling towards the Locust headquarters with a bomb attached is Raam who is surrounded by Kryll and totes a massive machine gun. He is hard to beat without explosive in your arsenal. I had to get good with the torque bow to beat him. 

It was also interesting to revisit the multiplayer since when I first had this game Xbox Live did not compare to what it is today and I was not a very good player with the bad connectivity. The games are a little kinder giving people chances to come back after a mistake and I managed to rakc up a ton of points for a ranking of 26 as I post this. I think I may revisit it a few more times but I'm ready to move onto the most recent game, the fourth in the series and fifth game, becauese what I really love is Horde mode that doesn't exist on the Ultimate Edition, my biggest complaint. This game is fun and one that I'm glad has been reissued in its new form. 

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