Friday, March 10, 2017

TV Show Review; Man Seeking Woman (Season 3)

Josh (Jay Baruchel) has had struggles with dating for quite some time but now his tribulations are close to the end when he meets Lucy (Katie Findlay). At first, Josh and Lucy's relationship does not go smoothly with Lucy's roommate bringing out the border patrol and arguing on national news about boyfriend's sleeping over. Lucy decides to move in with Josh but not before a major remodel to impress her friends. Despite the bumpy beginning, Josh and Lucy get serious and Lucy has to go through a serious of training in order to meet Josh's mom Patti (Robin Duke) and stepdad Tom (Mark McKinney) with the help of Josh's sister Liz (Britt Lower). 

Mike (Eric Andre) does not approve of Josh's new girl at first as he no longer has time to hang out anymore. Mike starts a cult that is for guys only, but when Lucy sneaks Josh has to intervene. He arranges for all of them to hang out in a boring mine bar that traps Mike and Lucy together with miners. Eventually, Mike approves of Lucy, and it's Josh's turn to meet Lucy's parents. Lucy didn't always have the greatest relationship so is upset when Josh hits it off with Lucy's Mom (Julie White) and Dad (Mark Moses). 

Lucy has a big break in her artistic design career making Josh feel like a ghost that no one can see because of his own lack of success. Josh can hardly afford the expensive meals that her bosses take her out to and makes a fool of himself on more than one occasion. Lucy even begins to doubt their future as they settle into bingeing television shows and ordering in food while an adventurous archaeologist proposes a more exciting life. As they make it through these issues, Josh decides to get serious with Lucy coming up with various ways to propose.

The couple moves closer to their marriage as the parents become more obsessed with the wedding. Josh's parents follow the planning and conspire with Lucy's to change certain details to appease God and meet their approval. The show culminates with Josh and Lucy finding happiness together and seemingly ending the struggle of Josh's rough dating life. I'll be curious to see if they bring it back for a fourth season and have Josh and Lucy together as this looks like a fitting ending.

Based on the book by Simon Rich, which I haven't had a chance to read but want to, Man Seeking Woman has a great mix of comedy and over the top storytelling as the travails of dating are blown over with sci-fi, fantasy, and action tropes. The show has great comedy and the single storyline this year was fun, though perhaps not as great as the previous years when Josh really struggled being in over his head with various women. I like this comedy a lot and it has been another great addition to FX's other channel FXX. 

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