Friday, March 31, 2017

TV Show Review: Iron Fist

Another revived property that has been embroiled in controversy is the newest addition to The Defenders. Danny Rand (Finn Jones) has returned from training at a monastery where he learned the special power of having a super strong glowing fist. The monastery is never explained and there are only a few short scenes that show his training. The origin story here revolves around Danny's return to the billion-dollar corporation that his father started and his attempts to reclaim his life and prove his identity. Preventing his return is the other family that took over the Rand Corporation, the Meachums, father Harold (David Wenham) who is presumed dead but still alive thanks to a deal with the ninja cult of the hand, Ward (Tom Pelphrey) the son who can never live up to his father's expectations, and Joy (Jessica Stroup) the daughter who struggles to keep the accompany afloat.

I always want these shows to have more of a connection to the greater Marvel universe with bigger superheroes flying or jumping through the sky amidst scenes and more obvious Easter eggs that tie all of this together. I also understand why each creator wants to tell their own stories. They had a chance to update the storyline for a modern age but it still feels pretty archaic and out of touch with the times. Danny seeks help from dojo leader Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) who has secrets of her own. Tying the story to the Defenders is primarily Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) who has helped every superhero in the Netflix Marvel Universe so far.

Danny quickly becomes a bit of a spoiled brat and makes a lot of stupid decisions that don't help the situation. He never seems very smart and Finn Jones acting is pretty awful during most of it, especially during the fight scenes that have so many cuts it can hard to see what is going on. The leader of the Hand, Madam Gao (Wai Ching Ho) had previously appeared in Daredevil and returns to torment the Iron Fist. Danny's powers always look a bit silly when he busts them out and the rules on how it works are never fully explained. 

Harold Meachum serves as the primary villain to be fought as his return to life from his deal with the Hand drives him to insanity. None of the fighting is very impressive and when Bakuto (Ramon Rodriguez) as a more athletic leader of the Hand to fight Danny, it never pays off into much of a compelling scene. Henwick's Colleen Wing is probably the most entertaining part though Ward and Harold had an interesting dynamic as father and son in charge of a large corporation.

This show is probably the worst thing to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far. I understand the frustration that some fans had with not updating the cast and the story to make this a more of a relevant story as this show seems like an add-on that is only there to fill out the group of The Defenders since that formula work for films. I do like that the MCU has transferred over to Netflix but I would like to see better shows than this one. 

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