Friday, March 24, 2017

TV Show Review: Baskets (Season 2)

Zach Galifianakis returns to the down on his luck clown, Chip Baskets from the genius comedic minds of Galifianakis and Louis CK. The second season picks up with Chip on the road as he quit his job at Arby's. He falls in with a rough crowd of heroin users who shack up in empty houses and perform during the day on the street referring to him as Noodles. Baskets uses his clowning skills to win over the group of vagabonds much to the chagrin of a fellow clown Trinity (Mary Wiseman). Chip finds that hopping on trains with addicts isn't so easy when the leader Morpheus (Tobias Jelinek) gets gruesomely hit by a train.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Baskets (Louie Anderson) befriends Martha (Martha Kelly) as she continues to shop at Costco. Chip's twin brother Dale is still dealing with his wife finding out he slept with Martha and tries to start a relationship with Martha in Dale's self-centered style. Chips winds up in prison and has to have his mother come bail him out and meets Ken (Alex Morris). They spark a relationship that goes further when Mrs. Baskets goes out to Denver to see him after Chip and Dale destroy her house fighting each other.

As Ken and Mrs. Baskets's relationship grows, Chip is still dealing with the trauma of seeing someone die. He works to get his clown career of the ground by hiring Martha as a booking agent though she has a tough time juggling helping Chip and managing Costco insurance complaints. Dale works to win back his wife and kids by appealing to his teenage daughter by helping her deal with her pushy boyfriend. Eventually, Chip ditches Martha and finds a new manager that helps him land some legitimate clown gigs.

Galifianakis's physical comedy works well from being run over by bulls to being shot out of a cannon, the comedian does his best and gives his all for a laugh, also doing double duty as twins. Louie Anderson also delivers a wonderful performance as Mrs. Baskets with a scratchy voice and lumbering gait, she deals with her weight issues and her troublesome family as her romance blossoms. When her mother dies and leaves her with money, she has to fend off her greedy brother and decide what to purchase that will be best for the family.

I think this show is so funny and nearly every episode has some silly premise that takes comedy and puts a clownish spin on it. The show takes an artistic approach to this goofball's story that delivers such strange situations all one can do is laugh. Baskets adds another great comedy to the FX schedule and a show that is always a pleasant surprise on Thursdays. 

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