Friday, March 24, 2017

Movie Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

With cheesy costumes, cheap special effects, corny dialogue, amateur acting, and a simple plot, the Power Rangers took to the big screen with a mix of new cast members and some from the show. I don't recall much of the Power Ranger lore but I do remember highly enjoying this edition of the morphing teenagers and their strange villains. This story begins with the colorful gang jumping out of a plane leaving behind their bullies. The new leader Tommy (Jason David Frank) the White Ranger has a complicated history. From what I remember he was the Green Ranger for a bit and a bad guy, then he was good, and then he became the White Ranger. I recall this story arc capturing my imagination as a kid.

Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) was the Pink Ranger and had some romantic relations with whoever the leader was, at this point it is the White Ranger but I think there was something going on with the Red Ranger at some point but that might have been different than Rocky (Steve Cardenas). Billy (David Yost) is a returning member as the dorky Blue Ranger. Rounding out the team are the Aisha (Karan Ashley) the Yellow Ranger and Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch). They each have an animal power: the Red Tyrannosaurus Rex, Yellow Sabertooth Tiger, Black Mastodon, Pink Pterodactyl, Blue Triceratops, and the White Tiger. These are especially confusing as they get new animals when they travel to a far off land like Black Frogs, Yellow Bear, White Falcon, Pink Crane, the Blue Wolf, and Red Ape. 

The villain in this film is a new one dug up from a construction site, Ivan Ooze (Paul Freeman). The other lead villains Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd are regulated to the snow globe but the sidekicks of Goldar and Mordant are utilized by the Ooze man. Ivan can also make Ooze warriors that fight the Ranger distracting them while he goes back to destroy the headquarters of Zordon (Nicholas Bell) and Alpha-5 (Peta-Marie Rixon). With Zordon injured, the Rangers have to venture to a foreign planet to meet with a scantily clad Dulcea (Gabrielle Fitzpatrick) who gives them their new animal powers.

After a few more fantastical fights, the Rangers return to find that the Ivan Ooze has used his purple ooze to hypnotize all the parents of Angel Grove and uncover his giant bug weapon. The Ranger call on their giant animal Zords to battle Ivan Ooze's giant weapon. Together, the Power Ranger can morph together into a MegaZord that is one giant Zord made up of each of their Zords as they all share a control room. They defeat the villain and celebrate with more corny lines about believing in yourself.

It was a bit of a nostalgia trip to go back to the old days of when I thought this stuff was anything close to decent. It is nice to see an updated version coming out that hasn't received totally terrible reviews and will probably benefit from the special effects. It was a trip back into two decades ago as everything takes on the 90s style and remind me of my foolish youth. I'm looking forward to seeing how it all shapes up in the newest version. 

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