Friday, February 10, 2017

Sports: NFL (Super Bowl LI)

I haven't been able to write about this game for nearly a week because of the incredibly disheartening result. Just like the election, I was left emotionally exhausted and upset as what looked to be a sure victory turned into an awful finale. The New England Patriots came back in a stunning turn of the score in the first Super Bowl to ever go into overtime.
The game started a bit lopsided and confusing as this was supposed to be two offensive powerhouses but defense prevailed in the early drives. Capitalizing off a fumble, the Falcons scored a touchdown first. They stopped the Patriots again and went up 14-0. On the next drive, a pick six by Robert Alford put the Falcons up 21-0. Everything seemed to be cruising for Atlanta at this point as New England was only able to kick a field goal before halftime and the Falcons would receive the ball.

The second half continued the dirty birds' momentum after two drives ending in punts, the Falcons scored another touchdown to lead the game 28-3. Even when the Patriots got a touchdown, they missed the extra point only giving them six. A 28-9 lead seemed to be good enough. The Patriots didn't score again until a field goal in at the start of the fourth. Then the come back began. The Patriots shut down the Falcons and scored two touchdowns with two-point conversions to tie the game. There was an extraordinary catch from Julian Edelman and a terrific performance from Tom Brady.

The game went into overtime and with the ludicrous rules of the NFL, the Patriots won the toss and easily drove down the field. They ran the bowl across the goal and beat the Falcon to win the Super Bowl. The game would have been truly amazing if it wasn't so goddamn depressing. I'm glad football is over for now because I'm in no mood to watch for some time to come. It just appears that 2017 will be the year of awfulness happening in American sports and politics, but hopefully, the Falcons can bounce back next year and have the best season ever in their new stadium to return to the big game. 

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