Monday, February 20, 2017

Sports: College Basketball (February)

A month before March Madness and college basketball is getting more exciting. For this month's post ahead of the tournament, I'm going to look at the conference leaders and explore the standings to see what teams are at the top. I'll look at each conference through the top 25 as well and determine which conference is the most powerful this month.

West Coast
The only remaining undefeated team is Gonzaga and they are at the top of the West Coast. The next team in this conference is St. Mary's ranked twentieth. The remaining teams in this conference are not ranked so it could be the easy schedule that allows Gonzaga to skate by without a loss. They have beaten some tough teams from other conference like the Florida, Iowa State, and Arizona.

Big East
Second-ranked Villanova is another team in a weaker division that has managed to make it this far in the season with only two losses. The toughest conference opponent is the Creighton Bluejays. Villanova is the defending champs so they are not to underestimated as we approach the tournament. 

Big 12
The Kansas Jayhawks are one of the toughest team in college basketball. Their only two losses have come from the opponents in their conference, ninth-ranked West Virginia and unranked Iowa State. Close behind Kansas are the fourth place Baylor Bears who faced Kansas this Saturday. The Jayhawks came out on top. West Virginia is another top team in this conference able to put up a fight. 

This West Coast conference is often overlooked because their games come later at night. Arizona is ranked fifth and will be the first team in the second place of a tournament bracket section. Oregon is close behind in 7th place. 

The North Carolina Tar Heels are at the top of their conference in the standings but are ranked behind Louisville. They'll face off on the 22nd of this month. This conference always has been tough since I can remember and remains so now. The Duke Blue Devils are on the rise with some impressive wins. Virginia and Florida State also look like tough opponents. 

With Kentucky on the decline, the Florida Gators have risen to the top spot in the SEC. The Wildcats remain higher ranked for now but they'll meet again in Kentucky on the 25th after a blowout for Florida earlier this season. The other two teams that might make waves are South Carolina and Alabama.  

The next time I check in on this sport, it'll be the conference tournaments. I'm excited for basketball to really heat up and make some wild predictions for the tournament. 

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