Thursday, February 2, 2017

Movie Review: The Ring

The creepy and disturbing horror film adapted from a Japanese film was a movie that haunted me when I was much younger. The movie is about a videotape that once watched will kill the viewer seven days later. When Rachel (Naomi Watts) discover that her niece died from watching the film, she investigates the cause of death and discovers the videotape for herself. With only seven days left to live after watching it, she pursues the lead from the images in the creepy film that lead her to dark secrets 

Her task becomes more urgent when her son Aidan (David Dorfman) also watches the tape that she left unattended. Aidan's father Noah (Martin Henderson) is skeptical of Rachel's claims and watches the film too. Eventually, he discovers that strange things are happening to him, like premonitions and the inability to have his face photographed. 

The chase leads out to an island off the coast of Seattle where mysterious occurrences happened including the sudden deaths of horses and the disappearance of a young girl Samara (Daveigh Chase). The clues tell the story of Samara's disappearance and Rachel uses her journalistic skills to talk with Samara's father Richard Morgan (Brian Cox). The awful secrets are uncovered but there are twists still to be revealed.

The Ring uses technology to haunt from the monstrous form of Samara crawling out of the well and then out of the television to the telephone ringing right after a victim watches the tape for the first time and even the blurry images of faces of the tape watchers. These technological horrors add to the other horrors like the draped over hair and the gnarled skin of the girl. The darkness and overcast of the location add to the haunting atmosphere under Gore Verbinski's direction.

The Ring was one of my favorite horror movies growing up when I first saw it in theaters not knowing what to expect. I never went out and saw the original Japanese film but that is something that I should do in the future. This film inspired two sequels, one coming out this weekend that sparked my series of reviews. It also inspired plenty of other horror movies and kicked of a spat of Japanese adaptations into American stories. The Ring will scare horror fans and has memorable images that could haunt you for seven days later.

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