Thursday, February 2, 2017

Movie Review: Gold

Inspired by true events but very loosely so, Gold tells the story of Kenny Wells (Matthew McConaughey), a mining prospector who finds the biggest gold strike in history. The true story is about David Walsh and is actually about a Canadian businessman. In the movie, Wells has a dream after days of struggling with his ailing business left to him by his father. He dreams that he will find a strike in Indonesia so he sets out to find his dream.

The movie goes for a great American story feel as McConaughey drinks and smokes through the film and as I watched I was under the impression that it was a closer to truth than later research revealed. Wells is married to Kay (Bryce Dallas Howard) who wants a simple life but is supportive of her husband's unfettered ambition. Howard is entertaining as the simple woman who sees through the niceties of the Wall Street bankers like Brian Woolf (Corey Stoll). As the businessman fight over the potential profit no one pays close attention to Michael Acosta (Edgar Ramirez), the geologist who has his own agenda.

The movie has a bit of a twist that I will spoil in this review so if you're curious, I'd go see it first. The gold find turns out to be false data planted but this is after gold dealers tried to steal Kenny's mine but he made a deal with the son of the leader of Indonesia to retain the rights. The movie has a lot of fun twists and turns and is enjoyable throughout though critics did not agree. McConaughey's performance is a bit over the top and at first not likable, but as he is more down on his luck, I enjoyed the persistence of the character.

The movie doesn't add much special to the story and feels like an obvious ploy at getting prestigious recognition while not going beyond the ordinary for the film. The movie is just a good watch and not as bad as the negative reviews may suggest. Wells becomes more obsessed with wealth as the common story comes to fruition when those that love him see his obsession but he refuses to accept that he might be betrayed by the bankers. When it all comes collapsing down and the scam is revealed the FBI swoops in led by Agent Paul Jennings (Toby Kebbell).

With the impressive cast and the shocking story, it is hard to feel like this movie didn't live up to its potential, but then again it wasn't bad. Overall, I feel like this movie was fun enough but had a pitiful performance at the box office. The movie is down there as one of McConaughey's worst performers financially and might not inspire much money in rentals either. I would recommend Gold to those who like a fun story and can stand to see the truth stretched quite a bit. 

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