Monday, January 30, 2017

TV Show Review: The Affair (Season 3)

The third season of The Affair jumps into the future but tells part of the story in flashbacks. Noah (Dominic West) has been imprisoned after confessing to the murder of Scott Lockhart. Helen (Maura Tierney) has forgiven Noah as he took the fall for the accident in which in fact she was driving the car. Alison (Ruth Wilson) returns back home to Montauk after an emotional breakdown, hoping to regain custody of her daughter. Cole (Joshua Jackson) has a new life as a restaurant and construction company owner, raising Joanie. 

The season continues the mixed perspectives of each characters choosing two characters for each episode to tell the story two different ways. Noah struggles with his memories of prison under the torturous guard John Gunther (Brendan Fraser). He strikes up a relationship with a college professor on sabbatical Juliette (Irène Jacob). Once he is stabbed, an investigation begins into who his attacker is though Noah highly suspects that John Gunther is stalking him. 

Helen tries to cope with the guilt of causing the death of Scott Lockhart and maintain her relationship with the surgeon Vic (Omar Metwally). Her daughter Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles) has fallen for a rich artist asshole who employs as an assistant and insults her family constantly. The finale revolves around Noah's relationship with Whitney after the disturbing events in the second season though these seem to be a Paris detour from the main story.

Alison works to win over Cole despite the misgivings of his new wife Luisa (Catalina Sandino Moren) who disapproves of Alison abandoning her daughter during the psychotic break. Overcome with worry for her daughter, Alison tries to remain calm and prove that she is psychologically capable of raising another child though the death of her first son still haunts her. This story achieves no real resolution and seems to be waiting for a further plot twist in the fourth season. 

There are certainly som twists and turns, though the interesting parts of the story had passed in the first two season and the plot works to find new ground to tread. There are more affairs as couples who were once married now reignite their romance and new characters are introduced into the complicated love triangles. I still enjoy hearing the opening credit song from Fiona Apple. The Affair has lost its way in this mediocre third season but has potential to get back on track in the fourth season. 

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