Monday, January 2, 2017

Sports: NFL (Week 17)

The playoff picture has finally been decided with the final games of the season. This weekend had some major implications for where and who each team will face in the Wild Card games next week, though no one manage to make it in that needed to succeed to do so. Some teams put up poor performances that lowered their position and could hurt them in the long run. 

1. Dallas Cowboys
The top team in the NFC are the Dallas Cowboys with their rookie quarterback have only lost to one team, the New York Giants. They finish the season with a win against the Eagles. Dallas will have a bye week for the first round of the playoffs and face any NFC opponents at home.

2. Atlanta Falcons
The Atlanta Falcons were not always such a sure thing but with a loss by the Seahawks and wins against Carolina and New Orleans to end the season, the Falcons will achieve second place. They will get a bye game and fast the higher seed at home in Atlanta in the Conference Finals.

3. Seattle Seahawks
The Seahawks beat the 49ers to end the season but have had some struggles late. During the season, I thought the Seahawks were a team to watch that prevented the most challenges but their end of season play has made their future success suspect. They will host the Detroit Lions.

4. Green Bay Packers
Green Bay came from behind in the NFC North to take the division in the final game against the Detroit Lions. The Packers are a surprise this year so I'm not sure what to expect. They will face a tough game against the New York Giants.

5. New York Giants
In any other season, the Giants performance would have them at the top of the conference with a bye game but they were in the toughest division so will have to play away as a Wild Card team against the thriving Packers. They knocked out their divisional rivals the Washington Redskins in the final game of their season.

6. Detroit Lions
The Detroit Lions took the place of the ailing Vikings at the top of the NFC North but could not maintain that position after several tough losses. They ended up losing to Green Bay and will now have to travel to Seattle and test their chances against the Seahawks. They could win but I don't think it is likely.

1. New England Patriots
The Patriots have dominated this season even with their quarterback suspended for the first four games by winning three. New England finished off the season beating Miami another playoff team and cementing their lead even further as the top team in the AFC. They will have a bye week while their first playoff game opponent is decided.

2. Kansas City Chiefs
Since the Chiefs beat the Chargers and the Raiders lost to the Broncos, the Chiefs move up to the second spot and get the Wild Card week off to prepare for a home game against the higher ranked opponent. The Chiefs traded the position with Denver and Oakland throughout the season but ended up on top.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers did not have much of a challenge with a win against the Cleveland Browns. Their division was decided last week when they faced the Baltimore Ravens and won. They will host the Miami Dolphins next week and should come out on top.

4. Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are the best of a rough division. They even ended the season losing to their divisional rivals the Tennessee Titans so I'm not too impressed with their performance this year. They will face a tough fight against the Raiders but should be able to pull it out since Oakland doesn't have their starting quarterback.

5. Oakland Raiders

The story around the Raiders this playoff will be the lack of a starting quarterback as Derek Carr broke his leg and even their backup was having some issues. Oakland will have to pull off something special in order to move forward.

6. Miami Dolphins
Miami is just lucky to be in contention. I don't see how they will be able to pull it out over Pittsburgh as they did not have a lot of impressive wins during the season. I'll be interested in seeing how they perform next week.

Well, it has been an interesting season and I have tried to do a brief summary nearly every week to look back on what happened. I am excited to watch some playoff football and when it all wraps up, I'll get my Sundays back. 

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