Monday, January 9, 2017

Sports: NFL Playoffs (Wild Card)

The weekend favors home field advantage as all the higher ranked teams won. The games were blowouts that were decided in the first quarters. Injuries hurt many of the teams that participated making their next round even more difficult against teams who had byes. Perhaps the momentum will carry them on as many the winners looked much better than their opponents.

NFC Wild Card
The Seahawks ran all over the Detroit defense. They dominated the game and pretty much had it wrapped up by halftime. The number 3 seed will move on to face the Falcons in Atlanta. The next game will be a competition. I think Atlanta will eliminate Seattle.

Green Bay probably had the hardest challenge of the teams with home-field advantage but even they triumphed over the New York Giants. Aaron Rodger threw some crazy touchdown passes and the Giants's receivers dropped a lot of passes. I think Dallas will play better and beat the Packers though.
AFC Wild Card

The Houston Texans got lucky because they could have faced a tough challenge from the Oakland Raiders but with two quarterback injuries, the Texans cruised to an easy victory at home where the Super Bowl will be hosted. I don't think the Texans will survive the next round against the Patriots. 

I was a bit tired of blowout football by Sunday afternoon. I tried to watch the game but two quick touchdowns for Pittsburgh had me looking for books to read instead. I turned it back on to check Miami's chances at a comeback but they bumped into each other and fumbled the ball over to the Steelers. Pittsburgh looks good and has a chance against the Chiefs. I'm picking Pittsburgh over Kansas City as my one upset for the weekend.

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