Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sports: NFL Playoffs (Divisional Round)

The conference championships have been decided after some spectacular games against opponents that were tough on both sides of the football. No game this week was a blowout and some came down tot he last second. 


The Atlanta Falcons are the team I'm rooting for and I'm so glad they made it to the next round. Atlanta has had a hard time performing in the playoffs but MVP candidate Matt Ryan was not about to let his Falcons out of the Super Bowl running against the Seattle Seahawks without a fight. With an explosive offense, the Falcons just had to stay ahead of the Seahawks as they exchanged touchdowns but some crazy turnovers allowed the Falcons defense to turn the game around to finally win 36-20.
In what appears to be the best game of the playoffs so far, the Green Bay Packers squeaked out a win with a final second field goal to beat the Dallas Cowboys. Aaron Rodgers the veteran quarterback faced the rookie Dak Prescott and experience beat out youth for a Packers win 34-31. The game was so close that the Cowboys will surely return to the playoffs if they keep their starting. Green Bay travels to Atlanta where I think the Falcons will triumph over the Packers, though I'm biased.


Surprisingly, the Patriots did not dominate immediately but had to contend with the Texans' tough defense. Tom Brady had to contend with a dominant pass rush from Jadeveon Clowney, but eventually, the offense sparked and New England pushed past Houston to win 34-16 .

The Steelers never scored a touchdown but with six field goals, they managed to beat the Chiefs 18-16. A last-minute two-point conversion went awry when a penalty was called pushing back Kansas City. Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh team triumphed in the divisional round but will have to score touchdowns if they want to beat the Patriots, which I don't think will happen.

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