Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Sports: NFL Playoffs (Conference Championships)

In two blowouts, the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots are going to the Super Bowl! Neither of the games was especially exciting to watch but both of them showed what could be done when these teams face off against each other. Football is nearly at an end this season and I hope the final game is more exciting than the conference championships.

The Falcons are the team that I am rooting for in the Super Bowl, one of the most exciting teams to watch this year. Their stellar quarterback Matt Ryan is almost a sure pick for MVP and has thrown over 4,000 yards. The high-powered offense including wide receiver Julio Jones created plenty of explosive plays that lead to a 44-21 victory. The Falcons defense shutout the Green Bay Packers offense in the first half, which bodes well for their chances against a more lethal Patriots offense. 

This game was lopsided from the beginning as the New England Patriots took a strong lead over the Pittsburgh Steelers and never looked back. The Patriots won 36-17 against a Steelers team who got to this game without scoring a touchdown in the playoffs. I was tired of blowout football about halfway through this game and I figured a sick Steelers team with injuries was not going to mount a comeback.

Super Bowl LI will be one that I'm especially excited to watch. I am picking the Falcons to win over the Patriots and also rooting for Atlanta over New England. 

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