Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sports: NBA (January 2017)

A bit busier last year so I haven't had a chance to tune into the NBA as much as I would like. I managed to catch some of the great games during Xmas including the rematch of the championship last year and the two top teams of this year. 

Eastern Conference
The Cleveland Cavaliers are at the top of the conference and looking to win another championship. They triumphed over the Warriors and have only lost seven games so far. 
In second place of the Eastern Conference are the Toronto Raptors. Toronto has lost ten games including two recently. Rounding out the top Eastern Conference teams are the Celtics and the Hornets. The Atlanta Hawks started out hot but have descended to fifth place.

Western Conference
In a repeat of last year but with the addition of Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors have stayed on top with only five losses so far including the loss to Cleveland on Xmas. 
Close behind, the San Antonio have lost their legend but not the momentum as one of the best in the Western Conference. The next two teams are the Houston Rockets and Utah Jazz. Despite the loss of Durant, the Oklahoma City Thunder have stayed hot in fifth place with the help of Russell Westbrook's stellar performance. 

Not much else to add as the NBA season will keep rolling along until we find out who is the best this summer. It looks like we'll see another rematch as the Warriors and Cavs are both on top.

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