Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sports: College Football Playoffs

After a day of college football playoffs games, the national championship has been decided. In a rematch of last year, the Alabama Crimson Tide will face the Clemson Tigers next Monday.

Peach Bowl
1 Alabama Crimson Tide vs. 4 Washington Huskies
Alabama has been on top all year and shrugged off an early touchdown from the Huskies to win their third college football playoff game. A pick-six at the end of the first half turn the tide and gave Bama a chance to pull away in the second half. Washington had hopes dashed as they returned to the field and Alabama went on to gain a pretty dominant win 24-7.

Fiesta Bowl
2 Clemson Tiger vs. 3 Ohio State Buckeyes
Clemson shutout Ohio State, the predicted winner, and will have a chance at redemption after last year's tough loss in the championship. Ohio State went down early and stayed down for the rest of the game as Clemson's lead grew progressively larger to finally win 31-0. This rout bodes well for Clemson but Alabama is still the favored winner. I'll be rooting for the Tiger next Monday

I won't go through all the bowl games since there are a ton of them but I wanted to highlight a few that I found interesting. There are going to be more through next week and I will mention some I'm looking forward to and provide a brief recap in my national championship post.

Alamo Bowl
10 Colorado Buffaloes vs. 12 Oklahoma State Cowboys
In an upset, the Cowboys beat the second best Pac-12 team, the Colorado Buffaloes. Oklahoma State shut out Colorado for three quarters only letting up a touchdown once the game was pretty much decided. This win puts the Cowboys in a solid position heading into next year as a top Big 12 contender. 

Orange Bowl
6 Michigan Wolverines vs. 11 Florida State Seminoles
In what was the best game of this bowl season, the Seminoles won a one-point game over the Wolverines. FSU dominated the first half and had a steady lead throughout but a rally in the final minutes of the fourth quarter and a blocked extra point return had Michigan with a chance. The Big 10 sent several teams to bowl games but have not shown up in them, we'll have to see how Penn State does later. 

Citrus Bowl
13 Louisville Cardinals vs. 20 LSU Tigers
It turned out to be a rough day for Kentucky football. Not only did the Wildcats lose to Georgia Tech but Louisville and it's Heisman winning quarterback failed to perform in their bowl game. The LSU TIgers took the game with a pretty win 29-9.

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