Monday, January 9, 2017

Movie Review: Underworld: Evolution

The sequel of the vampire vs. lycans franchise expands on the mythology and extends the story of the Underworld films. The movie begins with a flashback to the 1200s and we get some medieval vampires slaying werewolves and an introduction to Marcus (Tony Curran) the remaining elder after the event of the original. The special effects improved as Marcus has wings and a mutated body and face. The wolves look better as well as Marcus's brother William is a new type of wolf and when he bites people they turn into crazed creatures that are permanently changed.

Selene (Kate Beckinsale) and Michael (Scott Speedman) are on the run as there is some confusing geography of where they actually are as it seems like Russia but they seemed to be in a city like New York in the first one. They follow a trail of mystery and share a scene of intimacy. It's clear that Marcus is on their trails and it makes for a lot of fun chase scenes. Selene and Scott find a guy who explains a lot of the past as Selene realizes her history is significant to this brotherly blood feud.

Also introduced into this war are another faction that comes in after all the damage to clean up the mess and hide the existence of these creatures from humanity. Corvinus (Derek Jacobi) is the mysterious leader who has ties to the brothers that run through the blood and gives him a certain responsibility for all of the destruction. Selene follows the trail but Marcus is right behind her. There are some great fights, my favorite in the series so far.

The final fight scene is just fun action that utilizes all the new developments and has better special effects than the first one. This movie seemed to have small sets and the final scene looks very similar to the final scene in the previous film, only improved, which I think is fine for a sequel. I was pleased with revisiting this film but worry this is the pinnacle of the series.

The review for the new film do not look good but I am determined to finish the series and check it out in theaters during this snowy January even though there are better films to see, I will hopefully check out a few. The ending leaves Selene in a good place with her relationship and I have a distant memory of where the series goes from here though next will be a prequel that will step away from Selene. I have not seen the prequel so I 'm looking forward to something new to me. 

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