Friday, January 13, 2017

Movie Review: Underworld: Awakening

Awakening refers to the awareness of human beings to the existence of vampire and lycans, who had previously existed and fought their war in the shadows. The fourth Underworld movie, and third in the trilogy of modern films, begins with a purge of vampires and werewolves and shows Selene (Kate Beckinsale) fighting in a new war against humans. She loses her lover and is frozen by the scientists who study the newly discovered species. Selene is able to show off her superhuman strength in a fight against these weaker foes.

Selene awakens many years later and is plagued by strange flashes of vision that are not her own. Dr. Jacob Lane (Stephen Rea) leads the vampire research while Detective Sebastian (Michael Ealy) leads the investigation into Selene's escape of the research facility. Also on the trail of Selen is a mysterious vampire named David (Theo James). Together they discover Eve (India Eisley) who turns out to be Michael and Selene's daughter. 

Eve is super powerful but the special effects used to show this are mediocre. All of the Lycans are infects with a disease so they too look rather strange. David brings Selen and Eve back to his coven led by Thomas (Charles Dance). There the vampires face an attack from the lycans but these are an updated version from previous Underworld films. A major source of the increased budget, I assume, came from the larger lycan soldier and the final action scene where Selene takes down a whole building of lycans.

At this point, I know what to expect from these movies and I'm easily satisfied with the result on screen. All I ask is for some vampire fighting werewolves and in this instance, the movie delivers. There is less to do with the vampire hierarchy and the political nature of a coven as this one cuts straight to the action, which was to its benefit at the box office as this is the highest growing installment. 

The endings of these movies have always been a bit abrupt as if the writers did not think long past the final action scene or the directors had spent all the budget and just needed that for narrative continuity. Michael had escaped and Selene was reunited with his daughter with the help of David. The war would continue on between the lycans and vampires and it would turn into Blood Wars, which I'm about to see. 

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