Sunday, January 29, 2017

Movie Review: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

The video game adaptation franchise finally concludes but not on a high not, just another mediocre film that has not succeeded at the domestic box office. Alice (Milla Jovovich) survived the war in Washington D.C. and roams the streets. She hasn't seemed to learn from her five other movies, still walking into traps and finding herself in trouble. Alice ducks, flips, and shoots her way out of dire circumstances on more than one occasion. The action would be a lot more fun to watch if there weren't some many cuts that make for confusing action and hurts the narrative, a signature of Paul W.S. Anderson's directing style.

The story revolves around the mission the Red Queen gives Alice to cure the T-Virus infection with an airborne antivirus that remains in the bottom of the hive from the original film. The movie, like the others, insists on filing the information from the beginning and adding to the story. In this past, Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glen) conspired to orchestrate the outbreak in a biblical delusion hoping to bring about a figurative flood from the story of Noah's Ark. Alice is kidnapped by Dr. Isaacs, who claims that she only killed a clone back in the third film. The doctor is also heading back to Raccoon City in an armored truck trailed by an army of undead.

Once Alice makes it to Raccoon City, she teams up with another group of dispensable survivors bringing back Claire (Ali Larter) from the third and fourth film. Also in the group are Abigail (Ruby Rose), Razor (Fraser James), and Doc (Eoin Macken). most of these members have the same fate as in the previous film as they walk through the traps of the hive, including a large fan, a monster, and trap doors. Wesker (Shawn Roberts) is at the bottom protecting the airborne antivirus and working with the Red Queen to stop the attack.

The movie can't even fully round out the series but viewers should get a sense this is the end, mainly from the title of the film. Alice has to face off against an improved Dr. Isaacs though this hardly seems like more of a challenge than the version she faced in the third film. The movie pays homage to the original but certain things, like Alice's telepathic powers, are forgotten and brushed under the rug. Still, the Resident Evil series has been a fun, intense zombie action adventure with minor horror elements, making it popular enough to survive six films.

The movie looks to be doing fine overseas but not well in its opening weekend. The franchise was burnt out several films ago but they kept pushing it along with a crazy story and simple formula that grew. It appears that The Final Chapter didn't have the chance to add the biggest climax but there were some fun battle scenes, even if they were plagued with quite, jolting cuts. I had fun catching up and finishing this series though it will be quite some time before I think of revisiting it again. 

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