Sunday, January 29, 2017

Movie Review: Resident Evil: Extinction

The T-Virus has spread throughout the world as the third film in the series takes place in the barren post-apocalyptic desert. Alice (Milla Jovovich) has been cloned hundreds of time but the real Alice still wanders the wasteland fighting off scavengers, zombies, and mutated dogs. Dr. Isaacs (Iain Glen) still leads the experiments for the Umbrella Corp., which now operates underground away from the zombie plague. She teams up with a crew that includes some of the survivors from the previously film like L.J. (Omar Epps) and Carlos (Oded Fehr). Additional members include Claire, (Ali Larter), Betty (Ashanti), and Mikey (Christopher Egan).

Alice's powers have progressed more that she now has telepathic abilities, able to stop fire or other attacks with her mind. The zombies are nastier in this film as they now outnumber the humans by a greater ratio. Mutated beasts are still present from a return to the dogs to crows that have feasted on infected flesh and work together to attack the group. As Dr. Isaacs test Alice's fail, he becomes obsessed with capturing the real Alice and using her blood for further experimentation. 

The film has some decent action scenes and I liked it better watching again. The set certainly have a Mad Max vibe and the climax in a rotted Las Vegas looked pretty cool. The action is focused around zombies as Dr. Isaacs uses an army of trained undead to hunt to the crew and Alice. He turns into the finale monster as he injects some of Alice's blood and grows hideous with long fingers that he can use to pluck out the eyes of his victims.

There are rumors of safety up North as this serves as a way to indirectly set up the sequel and a source of hope for the crew that is steadily declining in number. Making it to this safe place is one objective but Alice has her own goal of revenge. The special effects still look pretty cheap but have improved dramatically from the first film. The acting is still mediocre but passable as the main purpose of this film is to deliver zombie gore and action beats.

A promise of this film is to have multiple Alice's hunting the rest of the Umbrella corp. in Japan. The Resident Evil movies have always ended with the promise of another chapter and a bigger story to come. The Umbrella corp. continues to push on with their experiments despite the destruction of the world and Alice continues to grow stronger. Extinction is a step down from Apocalypse but still better than the original. 

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