Thursday, January 12, 2017

Movie Review: Hidden Figures

From extraordinary history comes a remarkable movie about historical figures that changes the world through their intelligence, persistence, and passion. Hidden Figures tells the story of three women who work at NASA and face constant slights and setbacks only to continue in the face of doubt to achieve the impossible. Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughn (Octavia Spencer), and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae) were women who assisted the launch of the first man in space. 

Johnson goes by Goble before her marriage to Colonel Jim Johnson (Mahershala Ali) and worked as a computer checking the calculations of the mathematicians like Paul Stafford (Jim Parsons) before coming up with her own. Vaughn wanted to be a supervisor but was held back by a coworker, Vivian Mitchell (Kirsten Dunst) until she learned how to operated the new IBM. Jackson worked as an engineer and had to plea her case to a judge in order to attend all white classes for her degree.

Under the guidance of Al Harrison (Kevin Costner), Johson is given the opportunity to present her amazing mathematical skills to the astronauts including the first man into space orbit John Glenn (Glen Powell). Still, she faces tons of resentment and barriers including a separated coffee pot from which she must drink and having to walk half a mile just to use the restroom. All of the women had relentless persistence and their story is an inspiration for all who face discrimination. 

Hidden Figures so far has been mostly left out of the awards except for Spencer's supporting performance but Henson and Monae deliver powerful performances that are worth recognition. The whole movies is a joy to watch though the subtle bias against these intelligent women due to the color of their skin is horrible. The movie does not come off as preachy but shows their wonderful will to keep shooting for what they want. 

All around this movie is definitely one of the best from last year and has only suffered from a late release from theaters. The movie topped the weekend box office, the first movie to do so over the major Star Wars blockbuster. In the midst of this gorgeous story are beautiful shots of space flight with speeding rockets and mesmerizing stars all to a Pharrell score. I would recommend Hidden Figures to everyone. 

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