Monday, January 9, 2017

Golden Globes Winners 2017

The Golden Globes did not fail to surprise but I learned a few trends about the picks from the Hollywood Foreign Press, they like films about Los Angeles, films and TV with an international concept, mostly French or English, and will surprise. My blog didn't do great but I managed to fill out a ballot that got 17 of the 25 awards right. La La Land was the clear winner for movies. The Crown, Atlanta, and The Night Manager took most of the awards for television. I'll also make a guess on how this will influence the Academy Awards.

Best Motion Picture - Drama
Moonlight took home the big award but came up short on several of the acting awards, which does not bode well for its chances as a winner of the Academy Award. I had this favored so I think it was a good pick and want to see it even more now.

Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Muscial

La La Land not only took home the award for best picture but both lead comedy acting awards for Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. Damien Chazelle took home awards for directing and screenplay. I knew that La La Land would have a good night but with Score and Original Song awards too, it broke records with seven awards to make it the highest winning film in Globes history. 

Best Actress Motion Picture - Drama
Isabelle Huppert took home this award and I'm really curious about it now. I think this bodes well for her chances in the Academy Awards. Huppert may benefit from the foreign-leaning preferences of the Hollywood Foreign Press so other nominees could still have a chance. She'll face off against Stone for the top chance though.

Best Actor Motion Picture - Drama
The only award that went to this sad film was for Casey Affleck's performance. Despite some controversy, he is still a favorite for best actor unless Gosling or Washington gain momentum as the news grows worse for him. I thought Lonergan would win screenplay but nothing could beat Chazelle.

Best Supporting Actress Motion Picture
Viola Davis won for one of the best roles I've seen from films this last year. I just saw Fences recently and loved it. This award was well deserved and should propel her to win an Academy Award.

Best Supporting Actor Motion Picture
Aaron Taylor-Johnson came out of nowhere and won the award, which was the biggest upset of the night. I missed this film while it was in theaters but I am curious about it now to move it into my rental queue so that I can check it out when it comes to home video. Mahershala Ali was my pick though I didn't see his performance either. I still think Ali is favored for the Academy Awards.

Best Television Series - Drama
The Crown took home the award as it was both new and revolved around British royalty. Claire Foy also won best actress for a television show in drama. I'm on the fourth episode and know it is a bit slow but think I should finish it in the next two weeks or so. 

Best Television Series - Comedy
Atlanta took home the award. I knew it deserved it but wasn't sure it would get the recognition. Donald Glover also took home the award for best acotr comedy. I look forward to more season of this and think it was favored because it brought something new to television. 

Best Limited Series or TV Movie

American Crime Story: The People v O.J. Simpson took home the big award along with a best actress award for Sarah Paulson. However, 

The Night Manager won three surprising acting awards for Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, and Olivia Colman. I think this was the foreign influence again. 

Best Actor TV Show Drama
In another upset, Billy Bob Thornton beat Bob Odenkirk who he called out in his acceptance speech. I have yet to check out Goliath but will now that Thornton got the award.

Best Actress TV Show Comedy
I'm curious about black-ish and totally missed that Tracee Ellis Ross was nominated so of course, I did not pick her. I guess this award warranted six nominations. 

I thought it was a decent award show to watch though I think a lot of people did not like the host Jimmy Fallon. I will have to anticipate new shows next year and shows that are from other countries as I hope to expand the number of shows and movies I watch this year. I am looking forward to awards season continuing with the Grammys and the Academy Awards. 

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