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Golden Globes 2017 Nominations

This year I have not been as diligent about catching some of the top contenders while in theaters so I'll be writing about some of these nominees with not a lot of knowledge about what I have missed. I will have to just go off of critical buzz and what I have read in other entertainment circles.

Best Motion Picture - Drama
My biggest regret of my 2016 movie watching was missing Moonlight. I have heard such good things and it looks to be a very powerful film. I think that it has the best chance of taking home this top award. 

Manchester By The Sea
I did see Manchester by the Sea and believe it has a powerful lead performance from Casey Affleck. This movie is a strong contender in this category and could be the winner as well.

I liked Hacksaw Ridge and Hell or High Water though I don't think either will get the win. I have yet to see Lion.

Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy
La La Land
This charming musical has all the ingredients to be a winner from the Hollywood setting to the beautiful images and music. I think La La Land could take away a lot of awards this year.

20th Century Women
20th Century Women has not come out at my local theater but just from the commercial, I'm looking forward to this film when it does come out. The movie has the best chance of taking the title but it will be hard pressed to beat La La Land.

I did not see Florence Foster Jenkins or Sing Street. I hope to catch Sing Street on Netflix soon. Deadpool is an odd nomination but I liked it a lot but thought it was really funny.
Best Actress Motion Picture - Drama

Amy Adams

I don't actually think that Amy Adams will win this award but unfortunately, it is the only movie I have seen this year that is nominated in this category. Adams also had an impressive performance in Nocturnal Animals from what I've heard. Jessica Chastain for Miss Sloane probably won't win. Natalie Portman is a top favorite for Jackie but will have tough competition from Isabelle Huppert for Elle. Ruth Negga was also nominated for Loving that I have not seen yet.

Best Actor Motion Picture - Drama
Casey Affleck should win this award for displaying the immense grief in Manchester by the Sea. Denzel Washington in Fences could be his top competitor. His performance in Fences in stunning.
Andrew Garfield carried Hacksaw Ridge and in another year, he might be a winner with the added bonus of Silence to his acting for the year. I have yet to see Viggo Mortensen or Joel Edgerton.

Best Actress Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy

Hailee Steinfeld
Steinfeld would be a great pick for this award as she is the main reason this film is such a joy to watch. I think that the competition is mainly between Emma Stone in La La Land and Annette Bening for 20th Century Women.  I didn't see the performances by Lily Collins and Meryl Streep always gets nominated.

Best Actor Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy

Ryan Reynolds
It's so strange that Deadpool got nominated so it would be hilarious if Reynolds won this award though not likely. Ryan Gosling is the favored winner for this award. I thought Colin Farrell was pretty fun to watch in The Lobster. I didn't see Hugh Grant or Jonah Hill yet.

Best Supporting Actress Motion Picture
Viola Davis 
Davis delivers a powerful performance in Fences and deserved the win. Michelle Williams had only a short scene but a powerful one in Manchester by the Sea. I've heard good things about Naomie Harris and will catch Octavia Spencer in Hidden Figures next week. Not sure when I can catch Lion with Nicole Kidman.

Best Supporting Actor Motion Picture

Mahershala Ali seems like the man receiving all the momentum from what I've read. Jeff Bridges was a lot of fun to watch in Hell or High Water as the crotchety old sheriff witnessing the decline of the American Dream.
The other three nominations of Simon Helberg, Dev Patel (strange as a supporting actor) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, I have yet to see.

Best Director Motion Picture
Damien Chazelle appears to be the favorite for this award though Barry Jenkins could win it. Mel Gibson gets some Hollywood redemption after past controversies but shouldn't walk away with an award. Kenneth Lonergan would be a surprise win but would that wouldn't totally take me aback. I have not yet seen Tom Ford's work.

Best Television Series - Drama

Game of Thrones
The best show on television will continue to dominate this category. Stranger Things or This Is Us could surprise as they were both great shows though the NBC dramedy has yet to complete the first season and the Netflix sci-fi show is present for popularity mostly. Westworld was fun to watch but not award-winning in its early season. The Crown is a show I'm working on catching up on Netflix, and while entertaining, I haven't seen anything that would dethrone HBO's epic fantasy.

Best Television Series - Musical or Comedy

Donald Glover's amazing FX comedy should take home the award here but will face tough competition from top awards contender Veep and Transparent. I want to catch up on Veep and am working on Transparent's second season right now. Blackish and Mozart in the Jungle are on my radar if I can find the time.

Best Limited Series or TV Movie

The People vs. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story
The FX drama was a hit at the Emmys so I think it will take home this award. The Night Of could be its toughest competition. I want to catch The Dresser at some point, looked great from previews and I'm adding it to my Starz watchlist. American Crime is hindered by being on a network channel. The Night Manager was decent but despite some great performances nothing too special.

Best Actress Limited Seres or TV Movie
I think Sarah Paulson will win, I think but I haven't seen any of the other performances from Charlotte Rampling, Riley Keough (great in American Honey), Kerry Washington (started but didn't finish), and Felicity Huffman.

Best Actor Limited Series or TV Movie
Courtney B. Vance took the Emmy and his Johnny Cochran is a brilliant performance that is both powerful and entertaining. Riz Ahmed was extraordinary in The Night of but will come in second despite a steadily rising career. John Turturro was also great in that limited series crime drama from HBO.
Tom Hiddleston and Bryan Cranston were both fun to watch in their respective roles deserving of the nomination.

Best Actress in TV Series - Drama
Caitriona Balfe
This award has me stumped as there are so many great performances. Not only Balfe's in Outlander but Claire Foy in The Crown are two great British actresses doing great work. Keri Russell deserves recognition for her role in the four seasons of The Americans. Winona Ryder was one of the best things about Stranger Things. Evan Rachel Wood was the defining role of Westworld.

Best Actor in TV Series - Drama
Bob Odenkirk
While Better Call Saul has not risen to the level of Breaking Bad yet, it is an extraordinary show both funny and dramatic. Odenkirk carries it with a superb role ascending from loser to cocky lawyer. The previous year's winner Rami Malek returns for his great role as Elliot in Mr. Robot. Matthew Rhys also deserves recognition for his great role in The Americans. Liev Schreiber is always great to watch as Ray Donovan though he may never win. I have not yet seen Billy Bob Thornton in Goliath. 
Best Actress in TV Series - Musical or Comedy
Rachel Bloom
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is such a charming and hilarious show that it would be so great to see Rachel Bloom receives the deserved recognition. One the same channel, Gina Rodriguez leads the equally amusing Jane the Virgin. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the leading contender as the veteran of the group and a previous winner. Sarah Jessica Parker returns with Divorce but I did not finish the first season. Issa Rae is a newcomer with Insecure and could a pleasant surprise as all of these women deserve awards. 

Best Actor in TV Series - Musical or Comedy
Donald Glover makes Atlanta such a funny show to watch. Jeffrey Tambor has won before and could again for Transparent. I have not seen the other three performances of Anthony Anderson, Gael Garcia Bernal, and Nick Nolte.

Best Supporting Actress in TV Series
Olivia Colman
The best part of The Night Manager was Colman's performance as the pregnant spy manager. Chrissy Metz and Mandy Moore are both great in This Is Us. Lena Headey has done amazing work as Cersei in Game of Thrones. Thandie Newton was definitely the greatest actress in Westworld, with some of the best scenes.  

Best Supporting Actor in TV Series
Sterling K. Brown does a great job both in American Crime Story and This Is Us so it would be great to see him win. John Travolta revived his career in American Crime Story as the skeezy lawyer Robert Shapiro. Christian Slater continues to do good work in Mr. Robot. John Lithgow almost totally transforms as Winston Churchill in The Crown. Hugh Laurie is a good villain in The Night Manager.

This post is one of my longest yet but I've made predictions for most of the awards I'll be watching closely on Sunday night. I'll post again after the awards to talk about the winners and see how many I got right. Looking forward to great movies, tv shows, and performances to receive recognition for entertaining me through this last year.

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