Thursday, December 8, 2016

TV Show Review: South Park (Season 20)

South Park returns to cap off a second decade of comedy.The twentieth season continued to use the reason trend of serializing the episodes so that the season exists as a whole building towards a silly climax. This season tackled the onslaught of trolls across the internet especially on social media websites with Gerald Broflovski being a secret troll SkankHunt. 

The season tried to capture the election but as they were stunned by the Trump win as most of the media were, they whiffed on the day after episode and had to catch up in the next few with Mr. Garrison standing in for the president. They did have the coiffed hair of our current President-elect and showed how the troll army worked in his favor.

They had turned away from their attack of PC culture in the previous season but still registered some of the cultural shifts like white men believing they have a reason to be upset at women and bashing them for their lack of opportunity in comedy. All of this didn't amount to much as this felt like a weaker season of South Park, not sure of what they wanted to say and balancing several complicated issues.

The biggest flaw that Trey Parker and Matt Stone inserted into this season was the sidelining of Cartman. He would have been a great mirror to Trump and all his trolls as his views align alongside the alt-right, but this season he was with his girlfriend Heidi and a lot of missed jokes about men not thinking women were funny. 

As the title of the final episode says, it appears the serialization is at an end and will allow the South Park writers to take on crazy issues that will pop up frequently in the next year. It's said that we have to wait over a year for the next round of this hilarious cartoon as this season left something lacking. 

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