Sunday, December 11, 2016

TV Show Review: Ash vs Evil Dead (Season 2)

Ash (Bruce Campbell) returns for a second season of the gory and hilarious Ash vs Evil Dead. The campy horror show has Ash return to his hometown after the demonic forces spoil his non-stop partying down in Jacksonville. This season has plenty of the disgusting gore and slick witticisms from Ash and his compatriots Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo).

Ash is in search of evil but has to deal with his skeptical father first. Brock Williams (Lee Majors) believes that his son was a killer and murdered those people in the cabin. This season is a lot more nostalgic to the previous movies even bringing in the time travel that brought us the classic Army of Darkness, but that's later in the season. It's early in the season that it is revealed that the demons are the result of Ruby (Lucy Lawless) and her meddling with the Book of the Dead. 

The town is terrorized and Ash and friends have to go all over town including the junkyard, the police station, a wild bar party, and an arena. When Evil possesses Ash's car and terrorizes teenagers is one of the craziest scenes the show has given us. The villain of this season was Baal (Joel Tobeck) who can gruesomely slice open someone's skin and inhabit their body.

Ash and the show are forced confront the insanity of the second season as it slowed down for a few episodes and had Ash believing he was a patient in a mental institute. Finally, as the group deal with the death of one of their most crucial members, they decide to go back in time to before Ash went to the cabin and read the book. This leads to a finally in the eighties that serves as sort of a prequel to the original films, showing how the book ended up in the cabin.

Ash vs Evil Dead is a wild and crazy show and one of my favorite on television. This show alone is worth the subscription to Starz though the channel has a ton of other stuff I enjoy watching. Bruce Campbell is remarkable embodying the character he played so long ago with a new verve and a great sense of humor. I hope Ash has to fight evil for many years to come but one day gets to stay in Jacksonville. 

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