Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Sports: NFL (Week 15 & 16)

Missed my post from last week so I'm making up with a bit longer post catching up on the various games from the last two weeks. The playoff picture is almost fully set with a few more crucial games awaiting in the final weekend of this amazing sport. I have been impressed with some recent performances as teams ride into the playoffs with momentum. Other teams will just squeak by after rough performances only to make because their opponents are even weaker.

AFC West
The AFC West is the only division that has not settled where the teams will be situated. The Raiders are ahead but have one last game against the former champs, the Denver Broncos before they can clinch the bye week.
The Chiefs have clinched the Wild Card spot but will have to beat the Chargers and have the Raiders lose if they want to snag the bye week.

AFC East
The AFC East is the other division that will send two teams to the playoffs. The New England Patriots have clinched the bye week but could still technically lose home field advantage if they lose to the Dolphins.
Miami has clinched a Wild Card playoff birth and could possibly be the fifth place team if they beat the Patriots and the Chiefs lose.

AFC North
The Steelers won six straight including wins against their divisional rivals the Bengals and the Ravens. Baltimore almost had a chance but their loss to the Steelers knocked them out of the playoffs.

AFC South
The Texans are the worst team to squeak into the playoffs but because Tennesee and Indianapolis had such rough seasons, they get to represent the AFC South in the playoffs. Whoever gets them, either Kansas City or Miami should be able to push past to the next round.

NFC North
The NFC North is not decided but one final exciting game will take place next week between Green Bay and Detroit. The Packers won five straight to get where they are. This division has had an upheaval with the Vikings starting out so strong and then plummeting. 
The Lions had a tough loss last night against the Cowboys and lost to the Giants the week before, the two top teams in the conference. The face off against these teams will be exciting to watch.

NFC East
The Cowboys are the best team in the conference and a likely pick to face off against the Patriots in the Super Bowl. They have taken on every challenge and come out with a win except for against one team.

The Giants are the only team to be able to beat the Cowboys and have had rebounded from an earlier spate of losses this season. Recently they lost to the Eagles and have also to another contender in the Steelers, but they did beat the Lions so they could go far in the playoffs this year.

NFC West
The Seattle Seahawks haven't had the most impressive season and are on top of a weak division. They ending the season with an easy game against the 49ers but a loss to the Cardinals may have cost them the bye week.

NFC South
I'm so glad that the Falcons have improved and now are in line to get the bye week if they can survive a Sunday against the Saints. The Falcons could be a top contender and would face tough matches against New York and Dallas. Their wins are not that impressive but they did manage to defeat the Packers. The Seahawks beat them once as well. So the Falcons will have to prove they are a different team.

Games I'm looking forward to in the last week. First, I'm curious how the Texans will fare against the Titans even though the Titans have been eliminated they could have the same record. The Patriots facing the Dolphins will also be an exciting finale to the season. I'll be keeping an eye on Falcons vs. Saints. Raiders vs. Broncos and Chiefs vs. Chargers will also have repercussions. Finally, Lions and Packers will round out the night with the most excitement. 

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