Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sports: NFL (Week 13)

Week 13 leaves a few loose ends while solidifying a few other teams' playoff spots. The games on television weren't the most competitive or exciting but important wins were had and losses nailed in the coffin other teams' hopes. I'll just do a classic look at the division, their leaders, and what we have in store.

AFC East
The Patriots looked destined to be the top team in the AFC and hold a solid lead in the AFC East over the Dolphins. They put away the Rams easily this weekend. Miami had a pitiful loss to the Ravens and lost their playoff spot.

AFC North
The Ravens win over the Dolphins keeps them in the lead though their record is tied with Pittsburgh. Baltimore won't have it easy with New England this week and the Steelers as their next to last game. The Steelers have an easier schedule but will really need to win that game against Baltimore or win all the other three with Baltimore losing. Neither team looks to take a wild card spot if they don't win the division.

AFC South
All tied up in this division between the Texans, Colts, and Titans. Titans have it rough with games against the Chiefs, Broncos and Texans left. The Colts must face the Texans, Vikings, and Raiders. And finally, the Texans can knock out both of their divisional rivals and only have to face the Jaguars and Bengals.

AFC West
The Raider rest atop the best division in the conference. They have a chance to knock out both the Chiefs and Broncos but both teams could snag the Wild Card spots. 

NFC East
The Dallas Cowboy have clinched a spot in the playoffs and look to be the best team in the league. The division is pretty great too with the Giants also achieving a solid spot in the Wild Card. 

NFC North
The Lions have taken advantage of the Vikings collapsed and pushed themselves into the top spot. If they can survive against the Cowboy they should have a smooth path to the playoffs.

NFC South
Atlanta is doing everything to give away their divisional lead with a two-point conversion being intercepted for the loss. The Bucs are hot on their trial earning a Wild Card spot with impressive wins. 

NFC West
The Seahawks have proven again that it is not always the start of the season that matters but how you finish and they will ride their strong momentum of impressive wins into the playoffs.

It's getting exciting and I'm really going to enjoy these last few weeks of football!

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