Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sports: College Football (Week 14- Championship Week)

The final games of the season were the championship matchups in each division that had almost no bearing on who made it into the playoffs and were not the greatest matchups this season. I'll look at the championship games for each of the bigger divisions.

SEC Championship
Alabama started the season at number one and will end the season in the same position with an undefeated run through the SEC and an appearance in the SEC West. They trounced the Florida Gators showing just how bad the SEC East has become that a weak Florida team was the best opponent that could be offered up against Alabama. Crimson Tide will take the top spot in the playoffs scheduled for Washington on the last day of the year.

ACC Championship
Clemson faced a little tougher competition and are not the same dominant team but they have a top spot after beating Virginia Tech by a touchdown. Clemson had one loss to Pittsburgh that nearly lost their playoff spot but they are set to face Ohio State in round one.

Big Ten Championship
The Big Ten Championship was an odd game because the consequences were not as high. The real consequential matchup happened last week when Ohio State eliminated Michigan, but since Penn State beat Ohio State, they represented the East. They took out Wisconsin by a touchdown and will face USC in the Rose Bowl.

PAC-12 Championship
Washington had an early game on Friday against Colorado and their place in the playoffs was not as secure as the other teams. They had an interesting matchup against Colorado Buffaloes but managed to pull out and win resoundingly. Washington is now the fourth place position in the playoffs and has a touch game against Alabama.

The Big 12 did have a face off against Oklahoma and Oklahoma State but none of that would matter in the end as the Big 12 remained unrepresented in the CFB playoffs. I'm looking forward to the games and when I write about the first round, I'll look at some of the more exciting bowl games. 

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