Friday, November 11, 2016

TV Show Review; Better Things

Pamela Adlon and Louis C.K. have created a great new comedy to add to the large list of impressive shows that are on FX. Better Things follows Sam Fox (Adlon) a mother of three and actress that does both voice comedy and sitcoms. It has been hinted that this show travels close to Adlon's actual life as a single mother. The interactions between mother and her children is a source for a much of the comedy throughout each episode.

Max (Mikey Madison) is Sam's oldest daughter who is applying to college and making out with boys. She is embarrassed by her mother but also asks her to purchase pot for her and pick her up when she stays out late. Frankie (Hannah Alligood) is the middle daughter, more free-spirited and questioning of authority. Duke (Olivia Edward) is Sam's cute youngest daughter who is still learning about the world despite her young worldview.

The show has plenty of funny moments but is not just a straight comedy. Sam's mother Phyllis (Celia Imrie) also lives next door and supplies some material for drama. There is never any shortage of drama as the show swings back in forth in emotions. The show is never predictable with each episode setting up different events that play out in unexpected ways. 

Adlon has had a long career in comedy and was enjoyable to watch in Louis. I enjoyed this show and hope to see more episodes and other shows like it. Alongside, Atlanta these half-hour comedies defy the formulaic nature of most comedy shows and have struck a new path for the genre. 

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