Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Sports: NFL (Week 8)

Hitting the midway point of football shows signs that some teams are for real while others falter towards a playoff spot. There were strange upsets and games that confirmed preconceived notions with a some excitement sprinkled in throughout the season.

NFC South
I'm glad to see that the Falcons are still on top of the NFC South and enjoyed their nail-biting defeat over the Packers. The second half of the season will require that Atlanta improve their record because with three losses it is still highly possible that New Orleans, Tampa Bay, and Carolina could catch up and win this division. Tampa lost to Oakland, New Orleans beat Seattle, and Carolina beat Arizona.

NFC North
The Vikings should be glad that Green Bay lost this weekend because Minnesota was upset badly on Monday night against the last-place Chicago Bears. The loss shouldn't matter too much if Minnesota can put it behind them but they have some injuries to crucial players at the halfway point. Detroit is playing mediocre with a loss to the Texans.

NFC East
The most exciting division in the NFL, in my opinion, had a primetime showdown between the Eagles and Cowboys. Dallas and their rookie quarterback Dak Prescott came out on top. The Giants and Redskins are right there. Washington tied in London against Cincinnati and New York beat Los Angeles. 

NFC West
The Seahawks fell to the Saints but remain at the top over the Cardinals, Rams, and 49ers. Arizona lost to Carolina, Los Angeles to New York, and San Francisco to Tampa. 

AFC West
With a win over San Diego, Denver ties with Oakland for the top spot. The Raiders beat Tampa on Sunday. Kansas City remains close behind with a win over Indianapolis. 

AFC East
The Patriots faced a challenge in the division against the Bills and succeeded. The Dolphins and Jets don't have much of a chance this season. 
AFC South
The Texans beat the Lions but are barely staying ahead of the Titans by one game. Tennessee beat Jacksonville and Indianapolis fell to the Chiefs.

AFC North
The Steelers were off this week but aren't facing much of a challenge from the Bengals or Ravens, though Baltimore could come back if they win next weekend. and the Browns are letting the other teams in their city take home championships. 

I've got a lot of distractions at the moment as I'm trying to write a novel so this recap was rather brief. I do hope to get more in depth as teams really pull away at the start of December. I will try to catch some games this weekend like Steelers vs. Ravens, Falcons vs. Bucs on Thursday, Broncos vs. Raiders, and Eagles vs. Giants. 

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