Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sports: NFL (Week 11)

This week I wanted to take a different approach and look at some of the streaking teams this week and see if they are a solid lock for the playoffs or if they can squeeze in if they continue to win.

Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys have the longest streak of wins at the moment with nine straight wins and resting at the top of the NFC East and the NFC as a whole. Dallas faced one of its toughest challenges but succeeded against the Ravens this week.

New York Giants
Right behind the Cowboy with a five-game streak are solidifying a wild card spot if they continue but will have to have some Dallas including when the Cowboys visit if they want to pull out in front. The Giants had an easy challenge against the Chicago Bears.

Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins are behind another first place team, the New England Patriots, and don't have a Wild Card spot yet because the Broncos and Chiefs still hold the two spots. Miami won't have too many more tough games but could face a competitive Bills, Ravens fighting to stay at the top of their division, and Patriots holding onto to home field advantage.

Oakland Raiders
The Raiders won a tough fought battle against the Houston Texans on Monday Night in Mexico City. This win puts Oakland at the top of the AFC tied with the Patriots. Now the Raiders have a four-game streak to build off of to try to hold on to the momentum to achieve the top spot in the playoffs and a chance at Super Bowl LI.

Seattle Seahawks
The final streaking team I wanted to write about was the Seattle Seahawks. They beat the Bills, Patriots, and Eagles putting them safely at the top of the NFC West. They've got two weak NFC South teams, Bucs and Panther, the struggling Packer, then all of their divisional rivals to finish of the season. I think the Seahawks will be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs. 

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