Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sports: College Football (Week 12)

The week before rivalry weekend and the next to last full weekend of college football offered a few surprises especially during a Thursday game between Louisville and Houston.

The Cougars topped the Cardinals with dominant defense and knocked Louisville out of the running for a playoff spot. 

The loss leaves two Big Ten teams in the running who will face off next weekend. Ohio State had some trouble with Michigan State but managed a win. Michigan took out Indiana with a solid performance. 
Alabama remains at the top after beating Chattanooga and could face a challenge from Auburn next week. They will have an interesting opponent in the SEC Championship.

The Florida Gators faced the Louisiana State University Tigers to see if they could survive and remain atop the SEC East. In an exciting game, the Gators came out on top and will have a chance to take down Alabama, though that is not likely. 

 With Louisville out of the way, the Clemson Tigers remain at the top of the ACC with only one tough loss. They beat Wake Forest this weekend and remain at the four spot. Their chance to make it to the playoffs can only be hindered by South Carolina and their opponent in the ACC Championship game, which looks to be North Carolina or Virginia Tech.

Wisconsin moved up to take the fifth spot and will have a chance to earn their playoff spot if they can win the Big Ten Championship. Washington also has a chance if they make it through the PAC-12 Championship but they will need some luck to make it there. 

Finally, a game that I watched was between the Oklahoma Sooners and the West Virginia Mountaineers would determine who remains atop the Big 12. This division does not have a championship so the top contender will be determined by the best record. This lack of a championship kept the Big 12 out of the first playoffs but Oklahoma managed to earn a spot last year. They could do it again this year but a lot would have to happen.

Next weekend is an exciting weekend as the season comes to a close. Games I'm looking forward to are: LSU vs. Texas A&M, Washington vs. Washington State, Kentucky vs. Louisville, Florida vs. Florida State, Michigan vs. Ohio State, Utah vs. Colorado,  

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