Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sports: College Football (Week 11)

I foolishly thought that this weekend would be a quiet one for college football, but that is how this sport never fails to shock. Three teams in the top four that looked like they were planning a playoff visit have now been upset and could this could cause a seismic shake in the rankings. As I post this, the rankings have not yet come out so I don't know how large of a shake will come of these three defeats. Other teams in the top ten also got upset so the line of succession after losses isn't totally clear. 
Firstly, seeming unstoppable, the Alabama Crimson Tide remain unbeaten and at the top of the rankings. All the sports pundits seem to predict a championship in Bama's future. I'd like to see something more surprising so who knows. 
The Clemson Tigers were cruising along at second place but have been upset by the Pittsburgh Panthers 43-42 by a last minute field goal. This game was the first sign that this would not be a normal weekend. Now that Louisville has beaten Wake Forest, the Cardinals have a chance to take the ACC and play in the playoffs.
The Michigan Wolverines were looking forward to Ohio State but they didn't account for the sudden upset of a 14-13 loss against the Iowa Hawkeyes. This makes Michigan's game against Ohio State even more interesting and gives hope to Penn State who is tied at the top of that division. The Buckeyes won so they have a real chance of taking back their Big 10 title.
The Washington Huskies had been underestimated throughout the season being left out of the first playoff selection under Texas A&M, who also lost this weekend. The Huskies had a lot to prove but came up short against the USC Trojans in a 26-13 loss. Without Washington, the PAC-12 may not have a CFB playoff entrant.

Teams to watch as the ranking come out are Ohio State, Louisville, and Wisconsin. Both Texas A&M and Auburn lost their matchups this weekend so a challenger to the SEC West leader, Alabama, will not be likely though the Iron Bowl is still too weeks away. Looking forward to next week, a Thursday game between Louisville and Houston, and Saturday games: Clemson vs. Wake Forest, LSU vs Florida, Indiana vs. Michigan, Oklahoma vs West Virginia, Washington State vs. Colorado, Ohio State vs. Michigan State, Penn State vs. Rutgers, and Washington vs. Arizona State. All of these games could have consequences for bowl games at the end of this year. 

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