Sunday, November 6, 2016

Sports: College Football (Week 10)

The first week of games after the initial college football playoff ranking sought to upset the established order though the top teams remain primarily the same. The CFP rankings biggest mistake was inserting Texas A&M in the top four as they lost to unranked Mississippi State.
 The top four remain the same teams that I listed off last week as Alabama fended off a challenge from LSU, Michigan obliterated Maryland, Clemson demolished Syracuse, and Washington destroyed California. The other big matchup of the week between Ohio State and Nebraska came out with the higher ranked Buckeyes on top.

Ohio State and Louisville are waiting for a screw-up from their top divisional but the Buckeyes have a chance when they face Michigan at the end of the season on Thanksgiving weekend. Auburn is also the last team to have an opportunity to take out top-ranked Alabama. The other story line I'm watching is the battle for the SEC East as the Florida Gators remain on top despite losing to Arkansas. 

Barring any unforeseen upsets, next week doesn't look to be offering much competition for the top-ranked teams. I may check out that Baylor vs. Oklahoma matchup as someone has to come out of the Big 12 on top though that division most likely won't have an entrant in the playoffs. I'd also be interested to see if Mississippi State can create magic twice and upset Alabama, not likely but crazier things have happened. Still go three full weeks of the season left and anything could happen. 

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