Friday, November 11, 2016

Politics: Presidential Election

The Presidential election in the United State had such a strange outcome and disturbing result that it has taken me several days to process it. I stayed up late to see the final acceptance speech as Donald Trump was not the clear victor until late in the night. Hillary Clinton did not give her concession speech until early the next morning.

The first contested swing state that showed signs of the upset was the notorious vote swinging Florida that has shifted back and forth and was the source of much controversy in 2000. Like that election, the final results have finally come in and Clinton won the popular vote while losing the electoral college with other states like Ohio, Pennsylvania going to Trump. The term the Blue Wall came up as it collapsed with Michigan and Wisconsin dropping for the Democrats due to lack of campaigning and a surge of disgruntled white voters.

It will be interesting to see where the country goes from here as protests and riots have broken out and there has been a lot of mystery surrounding the policy. I will probably take a break from writing about politics for a while. I may check in at the inauguration, but we'll see what happens in the interim. 

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