Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Movie Review: Allied

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard star in this World War II spy thriller directed by Robert Zemeckis. The movie develops a lot of slow build tension that was highly entertaining to watch and made for a fun night. Brad Pitt is introduced as spy Max Vatan that is dropped in French Morocco with a mission to kill a German ambassador. He has slick clothes and operates smoothly as he rendezvous with another operative Marianne (Cotillard) who is undercover as his wife waiting for him.

Their relationship grows with much of the plot dedicated to how they meet and become lovers. They procure tickets to a party where  the ambassador is attending and have a short little action sequence. All of this is just a set up to get them back to London where they marry and have a child under the threat of German bombs. The tension really rises as Max is informed that his wife is, in fact, a German spy.

Max is reluctant to believe this new information, and Brad Pitt does a great job showing the inner turmoil of a stoic figure. The movie harkens back to older films set in the troubling times of Nazi occupation. Cotillard is mysterious and possibly deadly as each word is scrutinized to some hint at her betrayal. This drama grows as Max takes more desperate measures to figure out the truth and a way to prove it all while they plan a party and worry about air raids.

There is some supporting help from Lizzy Caplan as Max's sister and Jared Harris as a commanding officer but this story revolves around this couple and the lies they both conceal. The movie has some twist and turns but takes a predictable route. It won't be much of Oscar bait but it was a fun film to watch and promises a solid ending to a rough year of films in 2016. 

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