Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Book Review: The Loudest Actions by Cindy Koepp

I received this book for free for a fair and honest review. Cindy Koepp has written an interesting and unique sci-fi thriller that explores the difficulties of communication between alien species and the effects of post-traumatic stress. The Loudest Actions follows the crew of am ambassador ship known as the Gyrfalcon as it escorts Ambassador Burke to a new planet full of giant bug species.

Kirsten is one of the crew members who has a prosthetic arm after experiencing loss in combat and is fully introduced in an intense tournament where she shows off her talent but is handicapped by her opponent, a rival that she will have to cooperate with later. Also aboard the crew are Pashtan and Sora, a father and trainee daughter of the Aolonian species that can communicate through their thoughts.

The Montans are the alien ant-like species and it is discovered that they can communicate through smell. They are only able to fully communicate through pictures and have a hard time conveying their message to humans. They have also encountered other humans before who had attacked them and left them wary of any aliens coming to their planet. These distinct forms of communication provide complications especially as another group of these Montans is being conversed wtih by an enemy group know as the League.

The great galaxy is left mostly out of this story with only hints at a great conflict between the League and the Coalition that I never fully understood. The narrative jumps around from one character to another making it hard to remember many of their names as there are plenty of them each with their own unique motivations. I found Peter interesting as he is suffering from an attack on a ship that he barely survived long ago.

This book has some solid sci-fi action that was enjoyable to read and explores communication, growing up, and dealing with troubling memories. I would recommend to those who enjoy space sci-fi that has action and a different take on contact with alien species. There are some interesting ideas about how an alien species would communicate and hints at a greater galaxy of stories waiting to be written. 

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