Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sports: NFL (Week 7)

Now that there are no undefeated teams remaining in the NFL, I'm going to take a look at the last place teams in each division and try to see if any of them have a chance to make it to the playoffs this year. There were so matchups of top teams this weekend that were fun to watch and an upset of the last undefeated team shows that every NFL team is fallible.

AFC East
The New York Jets triumphed for only the second time this year over the Baltimore Ravens. They remain under the Dolphins who also won against the Bills. Despite the loss, Buffalo is still second. The Patriots remain number one with a win over the Steelers. The Jets won't be played after the season is over.

AFC North
It's an extraordinary night in Cleveland as the Cavaliers start their season after being champions and the Indians start game one of the World Series, but the Browns have lost seven straight and remain without a win after a loss to the Bengals. The Browns face the Jets next week for their best chance at one win this season. As mentioned, Cinicnatti, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh lost.

AFC South
The Jacksonville Jaguars fell to the Raiders this weekend and had a two-game spurt against the Colts and Bears before that to be at 2-4. The Jaguars have the best chance of all the last place teams in the AFC as their division of the Texans, who lost to the Broncos on Monday night, and Colts who beat the other member the Titans, are not a great division.

AFC West
The Chargers beat the Falcons with a last minute field goal in overtime. San Diego could make it but they'll have to get past Kansas City who beat the Saints, Denver, and Oakland.

NFC East
This whole division looks good but the Giants are tied at the bottom with the Redskins who lost to the Lions right behind the Eagles who defeated the Vikings. The dominant Dallas Cowboys remained at the top with a bye-week.

NFC North
 Chicago may be in the World Series but da Bears remain at the bottom with only one win after a loss to the Packers who trailing behind the Vikings who got their first loss. Detroit beat Washington but still trail Green Bay and Minnesota.

NFC South
 This one is surprising as the Panthers were in the Super Bowl last year but have only one win this year after a loss to the Saints. The Falcons are doing everything they can to lose it in the last minutes. The Buccaneers have improved with a win over the 49ers.

NFC West
Their starting quarterback has been off and on and had controversy but the Niners remain at the bottom of a tough division. Los Angeles is at 3-4 after losing to the Giants. Arizona tied Seattle so the Seahawks remain at the top with a record 4-1-1.

Lots of sports to discuss tonight so I'm just going to take a quick look at next week. In week 8 we have some interesting divisional matchups to watch from Patriots vs. Bills to Chargers vs. Broncos, and Eagles vs. Cowboys could be interesting. I also might check out the Falcons vs. Packers. 

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